How to install an orifice tube

How To Install An Orifice Tube

The car A/C system comes with many parts and one of the most important ones is the orifice tube. This is responsible in restricting the way with which the refrigerant flows into the system. This type of restriction will then help in transforming high-pressure refrigerant to a low pressure refrigerant before it enters the evaporator. With this said, it is really a vital component in an A/C system.

There will come a time when you may need to replace your old orifice tube. You will only be able to do that by learning how it is installed in the system. The steps below will help you have a better picture of how the entire process works.

It is Important to Become Familiar with the A/C System

You do not want to begin a task if you are unsure of the part you are looking for. Never tear apart the parts unless you are familiar with the various tubes found in the entire unit. You can become familiar with the orifice tube by taking out the repair manual for your vehicle and see what it says in the air conditioning section. Once you become familiar with the A/C system, you will be ready to take on the job.

Locate the Tube

It is easy to pinpoint where the orifice tube is after reading the manual. Basically, it is part of the ‘Y’ junction in a tube that is running between the front evaporator and that of the A/C condenser. You can locate it near the mounting of the radiator’s side.

Disconnect the Tube

Take a coupling wrench or an open-ended wrench to loosen up the coupling found in the liquid line located after the junction box. You can locate the connection right at the upper end of the box just away from that of the radiator.

Remove the Seal

There is a small rubber seal found within the line. This one must be taken out just before you remove the orifice tube. It can be found on the end of the coupling in the liquid line. Using a pair of needle nose pliers or a screwdriver, you can easily remove the seal.

Remove the Tube

You have already found the orifice tube awhile back thus you can take your pliers with you and proceed to removing the orifice tube. Make sure you do the process gently by twisting back and forth until it is set free. Ensure that the tube will not break off when removing it.

Install the New Orifice Tube

After removing the old tube from the liquid line, you are about ready to install the new one. All you need to do is work back from how you have removed the old one. Take note that the smaller section must be pointed away from that of the coupling. The new orifice tube must have the same orientation as that of the old one.

Install the Seal

A new seal must be made over the pin before making the connection. Never reuse an old seal. All you need to do is to press the new seal into its place then connect the coupling to its respective line. Tighten the nuts using a wrench.

After securing the line, it will be good to charge your car A/C system. You will need the help of an expert to help you in this process.