How to install an AC Accumulator

How To Install An A/C Accumulator

One of the most critical parts of a car A/C system is the A/C accumulator or the A/C drier. The accumulator works as a filter that will help capture moisture and debris that may enter into the system. There will come a time when you will need to replace the accumulator too when you are replacing the A/C compressor to prevent moisture and debris from destroying a newly installed compressor. Here is how you can do that.

Recover the Refrigerant

The first thing you should do when installing an A/C accumulator is to recover the refrigerant. Start by connecting the refrigerant recovery machine. From here, you must turn on the air conditioning recovery and begin the recovery process. See how much oil has been recovered from the system before disconnecting the recovery machine.

Remove the Accumulator

Pay particular attention to the lines connecting the A/C system to that of the accumulator. These lines must be removed right before the accumulator bracket can be removed. You should then proceed to removing the accumulator from the bracket and that of the vehicle. Make sure that the old O-rings are also removed from the lines.

Install the Accumulator

Installing a new A/C accumulator will require installing new rubber O-rings onto the lines of the accumulator. The new O-rings must be lubricated. You can now install the new accumulator as well as its bracket into the car. Using the accumulator bracket, you can now secure the new accumulator to the car. This must come first before you tighten the accumulator lines.

Evacuate Moisture from the A/C System

Installing an A/C accumulator does not stop once you have installed a new one. You still have to evacuate moisture from the system. The first step here is to connect the vacuum pump to the side connectors and allow it to run for about five minutes or so just to evacuate any existing moisture that is currently present in the system. Once you have turned the vacuum pump off, you can remove it from the side connectors and proceed to injecting oil into the system.

Recharge the A/C System

Locate the manifold gauges and connect them to your car’s A/C system then place the supply tank on the scale before you open the tank valve. Charge the A/C system using the refrigerant by opening the low and high side valves to allow the refrigerant to enter inside the system.

One of the most important things you should do when charging the system is to test the air that cools the car. You have to sit inside the car and feel things for yourself. You may need a thermometer to check the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. Always consider that the ambient temperature must be about 40 degrees higher than the temperature from the vents.

Installing an AC accumulator is quite difficult as you can imagine and it takes practice to master doing the entire process. The good news is there is someone who can help you take on the job in case you need professional help when installing one.