Is It A Good Idea To Run Your Car A/C During Winter

Is It A Good Idea To Run Your Car A/C During Winter?

For many drivers, the cold days of winter may mean turning off the car A/C for the next six months. Some individuals may be hesitant about the idea of using their A/C during the winter months. It seems obvious that there is no point in turning on the A/C when the temperatures outside are near freezing and everywhere is also basically covered by snow. So, should you run your auto A/C in the winter? The answer is yes.

It is recommended that you run your car’s air conditioning system at least every couple of weeks. For example, running it on full-cold for approximately 10 minutes. This practice allows the coolant to circulate through the A/C system.

Prevent Moisture Buildup

Air brings in moisture and running your car A/C can remove excess levels of moisture from your car. This also makes it easier for you to clear frost and steam off your windows and windshield. Your air vents will thank you for keeping the system dry in the long run.

Avoid Costly Repairs

The A/C system of a car comprises multiple components that are designed to move. Next, the system contains oils and refrigerant that need to be circulated to lubricate those moving parts. You may risk damaging these auto A/C components if they remain inactive for too long. The lubricant cannot reach these components and may cause problems such as leaky seals. If you want to avoid dealing with costly repairs, it is recommended that you keep the pipework and rubber seals well-lubricated. As mentioned, running the A/C for 10 minutes on full-cold will suffice.

Clear Up Window Condensation

Window condensation can sometimes be an irritating issue to deal with, especially if you are in a rush. It may take you minutes before you can regain full driver visibility. A great way to clear up window condensation during the cold period of winter is to run the A/C. The A/C compressor of a car does more than just cool the air before circulating it throughout the car. You can utilize it while controlling your car’s heat settings. By controlling the climate within your car, you can dehumidify the air, which also reduces fogged up windows.

Ensure Comfort

Some car owners are concerned with that uncomfortable rush of cold air when they perform this type of routine maintenance on their car, i.e. running the A/C. Remember, you can always turn on the A/C and the heater at the same time. You can increase the comfort levels of your car’s interior by blowing warm air into it. At the same time, the moving parts of the A/C system can be lubricated and dried out. This is a stellar preventative measure that helps extend the service lifespan of your car.

Prevent Bacteria and Mold Buildup

Notice that weird, musky smell when you turn on the A/C? That’s the result of mold and bacteria buildup! This can happen if your A/C system is not used on a regular basis. The problem may get worse during winter when the places your car is parked at are cold and wet. So, try turning on your A/C now. If you notice a bad odor coming out of your vents, you may have a mold problem. You can eliminate this problem by running the A/C every so often during the winter months. By drying out that condensation, you can prevent bacteria and mold from growing in your air vents.