How To Fix A Problematic Orifice Tube

A problematic orifice tube goes hand in hand with the expansion valve. The expansion valve is an essential component of an automobile’s A/C system. Typically, it is connected at the inlet of the evaporator and works with the orifice tube, regulating the refrigerant flow through the A/C system. They need to maintain a certain level of flow of the refrigerant. If there is too much it will cause the evaporator core to freeze over, whereas if there is too little, the evaporator core will overheat. The expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant according to temperature and load and cooling demand of the A/C system. The first step to fixing your problem, however, is diagnosis. Any issues with the orifice tube can be identified through certain symptoms which can help you figure out what you need to do to fix your problematic orifice tube.

A/C Stops Blowing Cool Air, Or Blows Warm Air

The first thing you would notice that would indicate something is wrong is when you turn on the air conditioning and instead of cool air, normal temperature or even warm air emerges. Though this could result from a whole host of factors, one of the potential pitfalls could be the orifice tube. The orifice tube and A/C expansion valve work hand in hand to regulate air flow, and if the air is not cooled, it could be a problem with the orifice tube.

Unable To Stop Air Conditioning Compressor

The A/C compressor should stop when you switch off your air conditioning, thereby only channeling refrigerant as necessary to cool your vehicle. If the compressor does not stop, it could be failure of the orifice tube or expansion valve. When this connection is opened, the compressor would be constantly pumping refrigerant through the entire A/C system and jeopardizing the functioning capability of the compressor and other components of the A/C. The strain borne by the components can cause them to wear down and malfunction prematurely.

Noticeable Frost Forming On A/C Evaporator Or Air Vents

On occasion, you might notice frost forming on the air vents in your vehicle. If this happens, check the A/C evaporator as well as it might show signs of even more frost. This could be because of a failure of the orifice tube, allowing refrigerant to leak out through the A/C system, which in turn causes the evaporator to freeze over due to excess refrigerant and cooling. Once you notice frost on either the air vents or the evaporator, switch off your A/C and check your system to remove the excess refrigerant and fix the leakage as soon as possible.

These are the most common symptoms to help you diagnose an issue with your orifice tube. Once you have determined that the orifice tube is the issue, it needs to be replaced. You can purchase a brand new expansion valve or orifice tube from a trusted online dealer such as R & Y Compressors, which specializes in spare parts all along the line of the A/C system. Each of our products are covered under warranty so you can purchase with confidence and look forward to an A/C that’s good as new.