Don’t Let Your Car’s A/C Go Bad During Winter

Many people might view this as incomprehensible but yes it is true that one should run their A/C during winter. It’s a common problem that most A/C conditioners breakdown over the winter season. It’s obvious then that most don’t they don’t break down due to overuse but rather the problem comes about because of not using it. Turning on the air conditioner for just a little while will keep the entire system from drying out.

Most believe that not turning it on is actually preserving the A/C.  Contrary to this belief the cars’ air conditioning system is made up of parts that are meant to move such as the A/C compressor clutch. Similar to other machines when they become dormant they tend to stop functioning effectively.

What Happens When You Don’t Use The A/C?

Once the refrigerant and the oil stop flowing through the A/C system the rubber seals become weak and crack hence causing the refrigerant to leak out. The oil also helps the A/C parts to get lubricated to avoid other components getting seized up.

The A/C compressor does more than cool the air going through it. Its other purpose is for the A/C is to emit dry air which In turn clears up the fog that condenses on the windows during winter. It acts more like a dehumidifier which controls the climate within the car. It is advisable to maintain the car temperature to hot and turn on the air conditioner. The fog on the windshield tends to clear up much faster making the drive much smoother. Most cars turn on the A/C automatically once you turn on the defroster in order to remove the excess humidity thus clearing the fog.

How To Get Rid Of Foul Smell

Ever turned on the A/C and bad odor just fills the whole car? Well, this happens due to bacteria and mould that builds up over a long period due to the A/C system being dormant. One has to visit a garage to address this odor but instead why go through all the trouble while the solution is as simple as turning on the A/C every now and then.

Running the air conditioning system will save one from future expenses of fixing it especially during the summer months when one actually needs to use it to get through these sweaty months.

With winter here many embrace it like a breath of fresh air from the humid air and heat from the summer season.It is very easy for some vehicles owners to hesitate to run the air conditioner system during the winter.It may not make much sense when the surrounding temperatures are below freezing and the ground is covered by snow. It is recommended to run air conditioner during winter for at least 30 minutes a week this will facilitate the system to be active and the fluids to efficiently flow through the A/C’s entire system.  This winter as part of the maintains, one should, therefore, keep their temperature setting to hot as they turn on the A/C to avoid high repair costs for the air conditioning system.