Don’t Ignore Smelly Auto A/C Units

Don’t Ignore Smelly Auto A/C Units!

We use the car for a lot of reasons – family outings to the beach, countryside, golf, transporting older relatives, sports’ events, and many more. So, you may be used to odors in your car, but that odor may be there generally, not just when you turn your auto A/C unit on. There are a number of different smells associated with a problem in a car’s air conditioning unit. Let’s explore a few of them

It Smells Damp

You may think this smell comes from the outside when you initially turn on your air conditioning, especially if the air has turned cooler and you are using the A/C unit to help de-mist the windows. However, a damp smell can be caused by mildew or mold that has developed in your system. This is predominantly an issue for older cars or for cars that do not often have the air conditioning unit running, but it is not unknown in some newer car models. The bacteria and fungi that have developed in the car’s dash need to be removed.

I Think I Smell Gas!

You may think your nose fails you if you think you can smell gas, but this can be a symptom of a faulty air conditioning unit. Usually, you will smell it when you first switch the A/C unit on. This is due to fresher air being drawn into the vents displacing the gas that has built up in the unit.

It Just Smells Bad!!

If you can’t put your finger on what the smell is and think it just smells bad, then that is generally an indication of the air filter being clogged. The air filter is designed to do just that – filter air. In the process of filtering the air for you, all the debris of dirt, dust, pollen, old dirty water from the roads, etc., is left behind in the filter. If the air filter is not cleaned or changed often, then this can build up until one day you really notice it when you switch the auto A/C unit on.

Undefined Sweet Chemical Smell

This is a difficult smell to convey, but once you have smelt it you know exactly what the smell we are referring to is. If you smell this sweet, kind of chemical smell when you switch on your car’s air conditioning, you can be sure that your A/C unit has a leak in it somewhere. Very often this is due to a corroded hose or pipe, but it can also be anywhere else, such as in the radiator or heater core.

The Air Conditioning Unit Still Works

Although any of these smells can indicate a problem with the A/C unit, it can still work when switched on. However, you should not ignore the smells as they can create an even bigger problem, which may be more difficult or expensive to fix.

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