Does Your Car Slow Down When The Auto A/C Is On?

Some drivers have noticed an unusual phenomenon where their car will decelerate when using their auto A/C. Below is a description of this phenomenon, why it happens and what you can do about it.

Why The Car Slows Down

Sports cars or vehicles designed for performance rarely have this issue. It is most commonly seen in budget automobiles or older models with high mileage. Essentially, when operating the A/C compressor, it is more difficult for the vehicle to speed up, particularly when you’re entering a freeway or need to pass someone on the road.

The reason for this is because your air conditioning condenser needs additional power so that it can function, and this power is derived from the engine. When less power is available, this means the engine won’t be able to fully dedicate its resources to acceleration, which results in the car becoming sluggish. However, most drivers have noticed that if they push down firmly enough on their gas pedal, the RPMs will increase and the engine will produce a lot of noise.

How O2 Sensors Work

O2 or oxygen sensors are gadgets which are responsible for monitoring your car emissions so that they may analyze the ratio of air with fuel which is moving within the engine. The car needs a certain level of oxygen so that the engine can efficiently burn the fuel. If oxygen levels are too low, the car will have a rich mixture of fuel which is unburned which results of extra pollutants, which might damage the engine.

However, O2 sensors are capable of detecting this, and when they do a signal will be transmitted to your engine which prompts a change in the level of fuel that is being utilized. If the sensor stops working, the fuel mixture will become compromised, as the car will have to guess which mixture is needed at any given time.

Change The Fuel Filter

Sometimes the problem can be solved by simply switching your fuel filter. Should fuel be unable to enter the engine, your car won’t be going anywhere at all. While you’re at it, you should also consider getting a complete injector flush. Ideally, fuel filters should be changed periodically, at least once every 24 months.

A Blocked Exhaust Or Air Filter

Aside from the fuel filter, the air filter might also be the culprit. Air is indispensable to the proper functioning of an automobile, due to the role it plays in combustion. Always verify that your engine is receiving the correct oxygen level needed for operation. You should also inspect the exhaust to make sure that it isn’t clogged with any foreign objects.

The Timing Belt

Another component that might cause your car to decelerate while using the air conditioning is the timing belt. The reason for this is because should your timing belt be off by a single tooth, it could cause issues with acceleration. Other issues might include the transmission, a fuel pump that is in need of replacement or a clutch which is slipping.