How Do You Detect The Presence Of Auto A/C Condenser Failure?

What do you do when your auto air conditioning just suddenly stops working? Especially on those hot summer days, when your skin is thirsting for cool air. The last thing you want is for your auto A/C to be blowing hot air! It’s so easy to take for granted that the A/C will work, and it’s just the most disappointing feeling when it doesn’t. But we should really be more prepared for that occurrence. Read on to find out more about auto A/C condenser failure and what to do when it happens.

Typically, the first thing to check when the A/C fails is the level of refrigerant. Usually, you would check for leakage, or test with a pressure gauge. Low refrigerant levels are easy to fix, you can simply recharge the refrigerant using a recharge kit, which is relatively easy to do yourself at home. If this is not the problem, however, and you do not notice any leakage in your A/C system, you may be facing A/C condenser failure instead.

Identifying A/C Condenser Failure

The condenser is one of the critical components of the A/C system, playing an important part in cooling the air in your auto’s cabin. As your refrigerant goes through the various components of the A/C system, the condenser turns the refrigerant from a gaseous state into a liquid state. By changing the composition of the refrigerant, the condenser is able to cool the air that goes into your auto cabin.

If you notice that the quality of the air being transmitted out of your air conditioning vents is not adequate, the condenser may be the issue. However, it is important to make sure the condenser is the problem, not some other issue along the A/C system. So before determining the condenser failure, you should first check for leaks in other parts of the A/C system, such as hoses, tubes and connectors. If there is any refrigerant leaking, you would notice a shiny-looking liquid coming out of the system. In that case you would need to patch up the leak and recharge the refrigerant so the A/C can work properly. However, if this is not an issue and the cabin is still not cool despite a fully charged refrigerant, it may be that the condenser itself is down.

Should you need to purchase a new condenser, be sure to do so from a trusted web store selling auto A/C parts like R & Y A/C Compressors.

Regular Maintenance Needed

While it may seem simple and convenient to simply flag car issues as they come, it is actually better – and generally safer – to go for regular checks and maintenance so that the auto is in prime working condition no matter what time of year. For an auto A/C system, it’s best to check before the summer begins. When the time comes, be sure to call up a specialist, such as R & Y A/C Compressors. With many auto A/C specialists in locations all over the US, you would certainly be able to find someone for your needs.