How To Deal With Ice Formation On The Evaporator

How To Deal With Ice Formation On The Evaporator?

The air conditioner must have to ensure comfort and safety. The A/C system freezing up can be a major downer to any trip. It’s very unfortunate that most people tend to forget about the A/C unless one develops the need to use it. The A/C freezing up can be as a result of damage may be caused by an accident or by having A/C components tampered with.

Causes of the A/C freezing

The A/C freezing up is as a result of moisture that seeps in through to the A/C.  The A/C is designed to only contain oil and the refrigerant. Once the rubber seals contained in A/C are broken the natural elements such as air, water, and dirt can find its way into the system.

In the A/C expansion valve the liquid refrigerant is directly converted into gas which results to a decrease in temperature. It is at this moment that the moisture that has seeped in freezes causing the refrigerant to block.

Once the system has low amounts of refrigerant then consecutively the pressure and thus the temperature are also lower. This causes the evaporator coils to cool off lower than waters freezing point, hence the condensation that will form on the coils will automatically freeze. As the ice accumulates it restricts the free flow of air in the system.

If there happens to be a leak, then air and moisture can be absorbed by a vacuum in the system. Every time the A/C is opened then moisture gets a chance to get in. The receiver dryer in the A/Chas the ability to absorb moisture but only to a certain capacity until it gets oversaturated.

Measures to avoid Moisture in the A/C

One can start by counterchecking if the thermostat electrical connections are in place. Ensure that the icing protection probe is fine and check if the bulb is securely in position with the evaporator coil. This will reduce the chances of moisture entering the system.

Ensure that the compartment ventilation fan is active a slight malfunction of the fan can lead to absorption of moisture into the system

The compressor suction regulator must be in good working condition. It is advisable to ensure that the control valve for the system is regularly replaced. The valve mostly blocks due to dirt or the icing that accumulates in the evaporator. Getting rid of the non-condensable gas in the system will ensure the valve works flawlessly.

Replacing a dirty filter to ensure adequate airflow. A filthy filter is a culprit to causing the entire A/C unit to freeze up. Even more serious a dirty filter can cause complete damage of the A/C unit

Ensure that a full leak check is performed. Drain the refrigerant from the system and replace all the worn out parts. It is paramount that one evacuates the A/C system for half an hour to heat off any excess moisture.

Generally, proper precautions like using the right amount refrigerant and oil ensure that the A/C system runs without any hitches. Ultraviolet dye is also recommended as it detects refrigerant leakage.