Common Toyota Corolla A/C Problems

Common Toyota Corolla A/C Problems

Toyota Corollas are subcompact cars which are popular worldwide for their reliability and affordability, as well as their rear and front wheel drive. However, despite being a best seller, this model isn’t without its issues. Below are some common Toyota Corolla A/C problems which have been reported by owners.

Drain Hose Clogging

Some owners have reported that the drain hose in their air conditioning unit became clogged, which resulted in the accumulation of water on the floor of the vehicle which soaked the carpet. Additional damage may have occurred in the electrical wiring or airbags, which could become a potential safety hazard.

Malfunctioning Air Compressor

The air compressor in some Toyota Corollas has malfunctioned, even in cases where the vehicle didn’t have much mileage on it. The issue seems to occur in models that were released in certain years (such as 2005). Other issues reported in models released that year include air conditioning that blows out hot air, the result of debris which entered and damaged the condenser.

No Protective Cover For The Mesh Grille

Toyota Corollas which were released in certain years, namely 2005, do not have a protective cover for their mesh grilles. This means that debris can easily enter the condenser of the AC unit, damaging it over time. Toyota recognized the issue and in newer versions of the Corolla the protective cover has been included, but the company has not added these covers to previous models, or compensated customers whose condensers were damaged due to the covers not being present.

Intermittent AC With Unpleasant Odor

Some owners have reported that after using the AC and then deactivating it, an unpleasant odor emerged in their vehicles. The source of the odor could not be identified, despite opening and inspecting the air vents, looking under the car, and even switching cabin filters. An additional problem reported is that the AC works intermittently, blowing cold air sometimes, and then hot air at other times.

Water Damage Resulting From AC Failure

While driving this vehicle, a few owners have reported seeing a warning light for their engine which displays by its instrument panel. Upon taking the vehicle to a mechanic it was discovered that the issue resulted from water damage which was caused by the malfunctioning AC unit. Others have reported hearing noises from beneath the hood and upon opening it realized that a new water pump needed to be installed, along with the air compressor.

Malfunctioning Relay Switch

2003 editions of the Toyota Corolla have had problems with both their airbags and air conditioning. The AC issues were often found to be a result of a faulty relay switch. Multiple owners of Corollas released in 2006 have also reported that their air conditioning malfunctioned, usually between 47,000 and 55,000 miles. These problems were sometimes found to be a result of the relay switch but could also result from defects in either the blower or condenser.