Common Scion iQ AC Problems

Common Scion iQ A/C Problems

A number of drivers have reported Scion iQ A/C problems. Below is a list of the most common, what causes them, and how they can be repaired. While some can be repaired yourself, others will require the assistance of a specialist.

The A/C Won’t Turn On

There are a number of things which could be causing the A/C not to turn on. It could be overheated, with a fan that has finally burned out due to long term operation and wear. The switch or dial might also be broken, the level of coolant fluid might be too low, which is preventing the compressor from activating, or the battery could be disconnected. Some drivers also keep their A/C in hibernation mode excessively, which can also cause problems.

The A/C Is Blowing Out Warm Or Hot Air

This is an issue that most drivers will run into at some point. It could be the result of a condenser which has become broken or blocked, malfunctioning cooling fans, insufficient cooling fluid, internal blockages, or electrical problems.

The A/C Is Producing An Unpleasant Smell

Air conditioning which is working properly should filter out air which is polluted, replacing it with air that is fresh. If it fails to do so, you have a problem, and it can be determined by the type of smell that the A/C is emitting. If the smell is sweet, this might indicate an issue with the radiator since it uses a coolant that can produce a smell which is sweet, or another part that has to be replaced.  Smells which are damp are usually associated with older vehicles and usually mean that bacteria is present, while a pungent smell means that certain A/C parts have become clogged or blocked. The smell of gas is usually a sign of leakage.

The A/C Won’t Shut Off

This is one of the strangest issues that Scion drivers will run into, but it can happen. It is usually the result of a dial that has become stuck while turned on, or a selector switch which has malfunctioned, or a ribbon cable that has become loose. You could also be dealing with a motor relay which has shorted out. The biggest issue with an A/C that won’t shut down is that it will quickly use up a lot of fuel, and so must be addressed by a qualified mechanic promptly.

Preventing And Fixing These A/C Issues

Regardless of the car you drive, issues with the A/C are inevitable. The reason for this is because air conditioning units have a number of vulnerabilities which are inherent in their architecture. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent some of these issues and make your A/C last as long as possible. Keep the vents and filter clean and unclogged. A clogged filter or vent is the leading cause of air which is insufficiently cold, or air which has an unpleasant smell.