Common Nissan Sentra A/C Problems

Common Nissan Sentra A/C Problems

Air conditioning systems break down sometimes. It’s not an uncommon problem. There are many ways in which you can fix it, be it on your own or by going to a professional to get it checked. There are a variety of reasons that could be causing your Nissan Sentra A/C problems, but there are three that are the most common reasons. 37% of the time it’s a refrigerant leak, 21% of the time it’s a climate control electrical issue, and 12% of the time it’s a problem with your car’s A/C compressor.

Air Conditioning System Diagnosis

If you choose to send your Nissan Sentra to a mechanic or repair center for a proper system diagnosis, here’s what you can expect. The replacement of most A/C components would typically recommend a complete evacuation of the air conditioning system using a refrigerant recovery machine. This is what the professional technicians would do in shops to ensure proper cleaning and safety measures are adhered to. Once they have re-installed the components that are needed to be changed, the technician would then remove all air from the system using this refrigerant recovery machine, to prepare the system for recharging with the new refrigerant.

Reasons Why Technicians Usually Recommend A System Evacuation

Refrigerant is an environmentally harmful substance, which must be handled with care. If accidentally released into the atmosphere, it will cause damage to the ozone layer, and if it comes in contact with your skin or eyes it can cause severe chemical burns. To minimize the risk of any damage to the environment or a person, the technician would usually advocate for this evacuation procedure.

When You Should Visit A Technician

The majority of cases for Nissan Sentra A/C problems has to do with the refrigerant leak. As refrigerant is a harmful substance, it is not recommended for you to try to fix this on your own, lest it causes damage to yourself or others. Furthermore, refrigerant breaking down can cause even more serious issues such as the “Black Death”, which is something you absolutely want to avoid at all costs. For electrical issues, it is also better to visit a technician as there may be ways to solve it that you may not be aware of unless you are very familiar with car components.

Purchasing Spare Parts To DIY Your Car

If you feel that your Nissan Sentra’s A/C compressor has gone bust and the only option is to replace it, this is something you can achieve without too much trouble. You may purchase a new compressor for the Nissan Sentra online from R & Y Compressors, simply search for the right model on our web listings. We have a whole range of Nissan Sentra A/C compressor parts across different models and years, which you can find on our website. You can also find any other spare parts you might need for your A/C on our website! We have fast delivery systems in place and our customer service hotline is available for you at 877-759-8070.