Common Nissan Pathfinder A/C Problems

The air conditioners which are equipped in Nissans are known for their premium air quality and the ability to provide comfortable temperatures while controlling humidity. However, all A/C systems are subject to problems, especially as they age, and below are some of the most common Nissan Pathfinder A/C issues that drivers have reported.

The Air Conditioning Is Dripping Water

If you notice that the A/C is dripping, the first thing you’ll want to do is inspect your condensate line or PVC exit pipe for clogging. If this is the case, it can be flushed out with compressed air. Dripping water is often associated with refrigerant leakage, which will make the vehicle’s cabin feel warmer than it should be and ice might also accumulate on the coils. It is the melting of this ice that causes dripping, and it is usually a sign of problems involving air flow due to a filter which is dirty, ductwork obstruction or the buildup of debris. If you notice that the A/C or any of its parts are frozen, deactivate it and allow the system to defrost naturally, and contact a qualified technician afterwards.

The A/C Is Cooling, But Unevenly

Quality air conditioning should always cool down the entire vehicle evenly. However, if you notice that the temperature in the front seats is cooler than the back seats, then this means you have a problem. It is frequently the result of ductwork leaks, inadequate insulation or a vent which is blocked. Start by checking the vents to see if they are unobstructed, clean and clear.

The A/C Isn’t Working At All

If the vehicle’s A/C suddenly shuts down, or won’t start up, inspect the thermostat. If your air conditioning unit uses a battery, it might be dead, and if so it will have to be replaced. However, if the batteries are functional, verify that your thermostat is set to “cooling” with the temperature that you want. If this still doesn’t work, you will want to contact a technician, as it means a major component such as the condenser has failed.

The A/C Is Producing Unusual Sounds

If your air conditioning system is producing unusual sounds, especially squealing and screeching, this means you probably have an issue with the motor bearing, or the belt has gone bad. Try placing some lubricant on your oil port to see if this helps. If you hear the sound of thumping, clanging or rattling this is typically an indication of a blower malfunction, and you will want to shut off the A/C and take it to a mechanic.

The A/C Is Emitting Warm Air

This problem is one of the toughest since there are a number of things that can cause it and you (or your technician) will have to figure out which. It might be that you simply need to install a new air filter. The area behind and around the A/C might also be full of debris, so you will want to check to make sure the space is clear. The A/C might also be emitting warm air due to refrigerant leakage.