Common Isuzu Ascender A/C Problems

Drivers have reported some issues with the Isuzu Ascender A/C. These problems have been experienced both in the medium trucks, as well as the heavy duty commercial models. It seems to be that the air conditioning operates in extremes, either the air is incredibly cold, or not cold at all, or it blows or doesn’t. Some have also reported various control issues.

The A/C is Blowing Little Or No Air From The Vents

This usually means that you have a problem with the blower (also known as a condenser fan). This fan is powered via the electric motor and is responsible for pushing cold air from the evaporator and into the dashboard vents. There is another component called the blower resistor that is also susceptible to wear and when it breaks down the ability to alter fan speed will be severely compromised. It could get stuck in low or high. The good news is that repairing these issues isn’t too tough and can be done affordably.

The A/C Is Too Cold

If the A/C is becoming uncomfortably cold, there are a number of things that can cause it. The filter might be dirty, which is impeding the flow of air while causing a buildup of ice. If left unaddressed significant damage can be sustained to the A/C which reduces its service life.

The second culprit is insufficient refrigerant. If A/C refrigerant levels become too low, the entire air condition unit might ice up. The reason for this is because without sufficient refrigerant, your evaporator coil will become too frigid, and when condensation appears, the coil will transform it into ice. The best way to resolve this issue is through a refrigerant recharge.

You Turn On The A/C But Nothing Happens

In this scenario the A/C itself might be okay, but there could be an electrical issue. A fuse might be blown which has compromised the whole control panel. Some Isuzu vehicles have electrical control units (ECUs) which are separate and they can also break down. It will be necessary to reprogram them, which requires specialized tools and knowledge.

The A/C Only Works When Driving At High Speeds

Some drivers have stated that their air conditioner doesn’t produce cold air while driving around at normal speeds, but when they pick up speed and get on a freeway, it suddenly starts working. If you’re experiencing this problem, the first thing you should do is perform an inspection of the high and low pressure to see if the range is normal.

An inspection should also be performed on the vacuum actuator (of the air blend opening), the cutoff switch (low pressure) and the magnetic clutch, because freezing might be present due to ice formation which is obstructing your orifice tube.

It might also be that the condenser has stopped working. A fan which is electrically driven can be found among the condenser and grill which is responsible for cooling down the condenser when the vehicle is moving slowly. The fan can seize up or become rusted which means it will have to be replaced.