Common Honda Odyssey A/C Problems

Common Honda Odyssey A/C Problems

The Odyssey is a very popular vehicle, but a number of drivers have reported various air conditioning issues. Below are some of the most common Honda Odyssey A/C problems encountered, and how they can be resolved.

Drainage Issues

Some A/C units utilize a component which is referred to as the condensate drain. This device transfers excess moisture taken from the air and away from the cabin. However, your condensate drain is subject to getting clogged, at which point moisture will accumulate within the A/C system, which allows mold to grow and spread which can make the cabin air smell unpleasant and cause respiratory problems. This issue is complex and will require the attention of a technician.

Problems With The Thermostat

Sometimes the problem lies with the thermostat, rather than the A/C. The first thing drivers will want to do is review the settings, because oftentimes benign things such as sunlight might interfere with its ability to work with the A/C, since it will read a temperature which is warmer. If the settings on the thermostat are accurate, and you’re still having trouble, then the culprit is something else.

The Electric Control Has Failed

Some components within the A/C, such as the compressor and fan, are controlled electrically. However, should they wear down and stop functioning; you will not receive the cool air that you want during summer. When electrical controls malfunction, it is almost always the result of wires or terminals which have become corroded. Should this occur, repairs will be needed.

The Condenser Coil Is Putrid

Condenser coils are situated right beneath the fins and grille on the external portion of the air conditioner. Refrigerant will move through coils as they play an essential role in the transfer of heat. However, the coils tend to become putrid as time passes, and if they aren’t cleaned, they can adversely impact the A/C’s performance. The reason for this is because it becomes more difficult to transfer heat, which forces the air conditioning to work harder which will ultimately cause it to prematurely malfunction.

Problems With The Breakers

Electrical breakers are important within A/C units because they are responsible for preventing excessive electrical current from getting into the system. However, should the breaker become tripped, the A/C will stop functioning completely. The breaker will need to be reset, after which you can monitor it to determine if it resumes operation. If it does not, or the breaker trips a second time, then you will need to call a professional for assistance.

The Importance Of Maintenance

If you perform periodic maintenance on your Odyssey’s A/C system, many, if not all of these issues can be avoided. It is easy to forget about this, since people are busy with various responsibilities and months or even years can pass without them paying attention to the air conditioning, until something goes wrong. It is best to get the A/C evaluated during a general car inspection which should be done once a year.