Common GMC A/C Problems

If you own a GMC vehicle and noticed that the air conditioning vents blows a warmer than usual air, then you are among a number of consumers who are complaining the same thing.  It seems that GMC A/C Problems are common more owners are getting hot about it, literally!

A Warm Breeze

Owners first noticed the problem when the vents are blowing warm air instead of the expected cool air. It is common among those who have had the vehicle for more than two years. The problem is very unusual since the vehicles are not considerably old or worn out. In fact, most of the complainants are following regular maintenance schedules to ensure that everything in the system works fine.

Depleted Refrigerant

A remarkable similarity among the complaints is that all of them were diagnosed to have little refrigerant on the A/C system. Since the refrigerant is what makes the air cool, having a few of it means lesser power to produce cool air for the car owners. A refrigerant recharge usually cost around $200 but it does not guarantee to last long if there are other problems related to refrigerant loss such as a leak in the hose system.

Lacking A/C Parts

Other than a problem on the refrigerant volume, there are also reports about defects on the parts of the A/C system. What puts more gravity to the problem is the fact that replacements are not readily available from the manufacturer. It can also be costly to buy an after-sales replacement especially with those who are out of warranty. Repair estimates could go as high as $4000.The owner has no choice but to accept that the vehicle will end up either unrepaired or will just make do with an A/C recharge that will give a temporary fix.

Faulty Condenser

A defect on your vehicle’s air conditioner is frustrating since it directly affects comfort when driving. Those who have taken an early action for this problem on GMC vehicles, a common culprit have been pointed out by the mechanics.

It seems that the root of the problem is the condenser itself. Most complaints are found to have a faulty and flimsy condenser or a cracked condenser hose causing a refrigerant leak. GM is aware of this issue and has released a statement regarding replacement parts but nothing about conducting a recall for affected models.

GMC vehicles are preferred because they are strong, powerful, and dependable. It was a surprise when a massive number of consumers have complained about the A/C system. While GM is doing what they can to alleviate the problem, a lot of people are considering solving it by leaning towards having their condensers replaced ASAP.

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