Common Causes Of High Compressor Discharge Pressure

Common Causes Of High Compressor Discharge Pressure

A refrigeration cycle is a cycle that shows the transformation of a refrigerant within a closed loop system. Normally, the refrigerant cycle starts when the refrigerant enters the compressor at a low pressure but with the presence of high pressure, it will be pressurized too. This pressurized gas will then flow into the condenser, that component where the liquid will be condensed, just about ready to exhaust or give off heat to outside air. The pressurized liquid will then continue moving to go to the expansion valve.

The valve is responsible for restricting the liquid flow in order to lower the pressure which will then proceed to the evaporator, a component where heat is absorbed and where liquid is converted to gas. From here, the refrigerant will continue moving to the compressor thus starting another refrigerant cycle.

Discharge Pressure Explained

The refrigerant cycle which was mentioned above actually explains the normal cycle that allows the compressor to work and function accordingly. Sometimes, however, problems will occur and this will include anything from low suction pressure to low compressor discharge pressure. High compressor discharge pressure will also be a problem that needs to be attended to right away. Basically, a discharge pressure is the pressure that is being generated on a gas compressor’s output side. Anything that happens beyond that can cause a problem on the AC compressor.

Causes of High Compressor Discharge Pressure

Like any other problems related to the compressor or the air conditioning system for your car, there are causes that actually result in high compressor discharge pressure. It is good to note that each of the cause has a corresponding repair or solution. All you need to do is establish the cause so that you may apply the solution needed to make the compressor work like normal.

One of the causes that have been established in relation to high compressor discharge pressure is the presence of air in the system. When this takes place, your best solution is to recharge the system. Another is a clogged condenser in which case you will need to clean the condenser so that it will function properly. When you happen to spot that the discharge valve is closed and it is causing high discharge pressure on the compressor, you can solve that easily by opening the valve.

Other Causes of High Discharge Pressure in the Compressor

Among other things, high discharge pressure in the AC compressor can result from the fact that the condenser has not been positioned properly. It is either it is too far from that of the radiator or it is not centered on the fan. When this happens, you should check the distance of the condenser from the radiator or reposition the condenser such that it is centered on the fan.

Additionally, an overcharged system can also be a cause and when this is the case, all you have to do is remove some refrigerant from the system. There are instances when the fan belt needs tightening as well. When an insufficient condenser air causes the problem, it follows that the best solution is to install a larger fan.