Common Cadillac CTS AC Problems

Common Cadillac CTS A/C Problems

While the Cadillac is an upmarket car that is packed with multiple technologies and luxury features, some drivers have encountered Cadillac CTS A/C problems. Below are some of the most common, why they occur, and how to address them.

The Cooling Fan Has Become Faulty

Sufficient air flow is a necessity for cooling down Freon. This is primarily the responsibility of the cooling fan, which is electric and can be found by the condenser. Should the cooling fan malfunction and no longer turn, this will damage the entire system and prevent it from working properly. Other related problems include a fuse that is blown, compressor that is broken or magnetic clutch that isn’t functioning, all of which can prevent Freon from cooling.

Electrical Issues

Many of the parts within the CTS are electric, and are subject to issues resulting from faulty wiring. For example, temperature sensors are responsible for automatically adjusting the temperature within the cabin, but should it become inaccurate, then this could lead to problems that might require the A/C to be repaired.

Coolant Leakage

Coolant, or refrigerant, is the liquid within the vehicle responsible for the production of cold air. It is moved through an assortment of tubes via the A/C compressor, and must enter the expansion valve where it can cool down and expand. However, tubes and hoses are vulnerable to breakdown as time passes, and if a puncture appears within them this will lead to coolant leakage. Hoses made of rubber are most susceptible to this, and once it occurs the A/C will not work as well as it should.

Excessive Heat

Although the A/C system is designed to cool down the cabin, it is still a machine, and all machines must work and when they do heat is produced. If this heat becomes excessive, the high temperatures can compromise the coolant’s ability to flow correctly and cool down. It is usually an indication of a problem either with the cooling fan or radiator.

The A/C Produces Cold Air, But Intermittently

Sometimes drivers will notice that their A/C is blowing out cold air one minute, and the next it isn’t, or it is blowing out warmer air, and then resumes blowing out cold air again. A/C cooling which is intermittent is typically the result of internal components which are freezing, especially the evaporator. Once an evaporator becomes frozen it will be unable to cool down the air, so you will have to wait until ice thawing occurs; this is the reason the cold air returns again. Other issues that could also be causing it include a dirty filter, evaporator drain which is blocked or system that is overcharged. Freezing will usually produce puddles beneath the car.

Getting These Issues Resolved

The A/C system used in the CTS is extremely advanced, but aside from that, it uses coolant which is a potentially dangerous substance if it comes into contact with flesh, so it is not recommended to attempt a DIY repair unless you’re a qualified technician.