Common Audi Q3 A/C Problems

Common Audi Q3 A/C Problems

Thinking of getting an Audi Q3 secondhand? Already own one but experiencing some problems with the air conditioning and wondering if it might just be your particular bad luck? Here is a list of common problems faced by other owners of Audi Q3. Who knows, they may just be experiencing the same issues as you. Read on to find out what are the common Audi Q3 A/C problems.

A/C Stops Blowing Cold Air

When the car A/C is initially started, the air conditioning comes out cool. However, after some period of time which is not always consistent, the cold air stops and instead what comes out of the vents is humid air. This sometimes only lasts for a few minutes, but at other times, the Audi Q3 A/C will not produce any more cold air for the rest of the day.

Windscreen Fogging Up Due To Humid Air

When the A/C blows humid air, this is annoying especially on a hot day. However, the more serious issue it can cause is for the windscreen to fog up due to the humidity. While driving at night, this can become a hazard on the road. Attempting to activate the windscreen clear button actually makes the fogging worse as the air produced is still humid.

Loud Hissing And Gurgling Noises From Behind The Dash

The Audi Q3 A/C should operate silently – it should not be making loud hissing and gurgling noises. If there are such noises emerging from behind your car’s dash, there is a serious problem and you should get your car checked.

No Improvement After Re-gassing

Upon re-gassing the Audi Q3’s A/C system, the aircon only works for an hour, and then it fails again. There is no red light when pressing the air con button.

No Faults Registered On The Computer

The technician has checked your car A/C system and come back to you insisting that the onboard computer system indicates that everything is fine and there are no apparent issues.

If you are experiencing any of the above common problems, it is quite likely that you have a compressor failure. Many other Audi Q3 owners have experienced the same issues and only managed to diagnose it after several months and much effort sending the car back and forth to the dealer. If you find that your dealer is saying there is nothing wrong or that they cannot detect any issue, you may wish to point them in the direction of the compressor, which has been the cause of A/C failure for many other Audi Q3s.

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