Should I Change The Receiver Drier

Should I Change The Receiver Drier?

Receiver driers are not the most complex components of car’s A/C, but still they perform essential functions. They need to be replaced to avoid the risk of damaging the entire system.

What Are The Functions Of The Receiver-Drier

Also known as filter-driers, receiver-driers are located between the TX valve and the condenser. They are referred to as filters because they filter dry moisture and fine debris from the system. An A/C system has another component known as the accumulator. This component functions almost the same as the receiver-drier. Functions differ slightly because of different system configurations. Accumulators also need to change regularly just like receiver-driers. When you neglect to change the receiver-drier of your car’s A/C system, you risk getting yourself into costly system failures.

When To Change Receiver-Driers

Every time you open your A/C system and expose it to air, you compromise the efficiency of the drier. Desiccants that are present in the system quickly absorb moisture present and they get saturated fast. If the drier is unable to remove the moisture in the liquid refrigerant as it passes through, this then leads to serious damage to the compressor and other components in the system. When this happens, you only remain with one option. To replace the receiver-drier, may be a costly affair.

Other reasons in which the drier needs to be replaced include:

  • Internal failures in the compressor
  • Loss of charge in the refrigerant
  • Too much oil in the system
  • System opening
  • Excessive system pollution
  • Wear and tear

Replacing The Receiver-Drier

The drier is a small component that can be inspected, removed and replaced easily. This is mostly done when the A/C system is being serviced. Professional mechanics recommend that you have your car’s A/C system be serviced at least once a year and replace your drier at least once in two years. Doing this helps to keep your A/C system operating at maximum efficiency. Also, replacing your drier helps to fix minor problems before they cause more damage to the system.

How To Replace A Receiver-Drier

In order to efficiently and safely replace your A/C receiver-drier, there are a couple basic tools you need such as:

  • Protective gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Repair manuals

Once you have these basic tools, you then need to locate where the drier is placed inside the system. Before you remove the drier, ensure that the refrigerant is removed from the system. You are advised to let a professional handle this part since they use special equipment known as the evacuation machine. After, use a wrench of ratchet to disconnect the negative battery and set it aside.

Once you remove all the electrical connections from the receiver-drier, loosen the fasteners securing the drier and remove it from the system. To install a new drier, lower it into position and tighten any mounting fasteners. Reinstall the electrical cables and reconnect the negative battery cable. Recharge the system.

In order to replace your car’s A/C receiver-drier the correct way, it best to have a professional do the job for you. Doing it by yourself without experience may lead to more complications if you don’t do the job well.