What Should You Do If Your Car A/C Stops Working Over The Winter?

What Should You Do If Your Car A/C Stops Working Over The Winter?

Over the winter, car A/C is supposed to be at rest, gaining enough power in preparation for the warm spring. However, many people are surprised that the A/C blows warm air or completely stop working after its winter break.

Debates about whether it is a good idea to keep the A/C on even when it is cold outside, or just leave it off until the winter season has passed to save up on fuel cost is making anyone confused. But what really happens when you do not use the A/C during winter?

Moisture Buildup

Once you stop using the A/C, the vent ducts tend to develop a moisture buildup inside. With this moisture, bacteria and mold can form and will continue to grow all throughout the inactive weeks or months.

Compressor Gone Bad

The compressor makes the A/C run and keeps the refrigerant circulating through the system. When not used for quite a while, it will shock the system once it is used again after the winter.

Should the A/C Be Used During Winter?

Although it is already cold and using the A/C seems useless, there are experts who recommend that the A/C should be used even during the cold months. No, it does not need to be working all the time. All you need is a good 10-15 minutes of full-cold every couple of days. This will let the refrigerant circulate in the entire A/C system.

Aside from having cold air, turning the A/C on every once in a while will help lubricate the seals and pipework ensuring that the stay in good condition. Not using the A/C for a long time will only make the refrigerant dormant and the system parts will not be lubricated enough. Letting the compressor work will also keep the internal parts fresh thereby extending its lifespan.

Is It Costly to Run A/C on a Cold Day?

Yes, the A/C system uses fuel when it is turned on. But, as you don’t have to use it for a long time and will just need to refresh the system for a few minutes every now and then. This means that that the fuel cost for air condition is relatively small. In fact, it is such a small amount compared to how much you will pay for repair if left inactive throughout winter.

It is simple to avoid the effects of leaving the A/C dormant during winter. You simply have to use the A/C at least a few weeks to keep it in good, running condition after winter. But, if the A/C stops working and is in need of a repair, it would be great to consider having replacements because corrosion and molds may have built up while it was not running.

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