Is Your Car A/C Rattling When It

Is Your Car A/C Rattling When It’s Turned On?

Because the air conditioning system is frequently used, its components usually get worn out and damaged after a few years.  Hearing an unusual rattling sound after turning on the car A/C is a definite sign that there is a problem. Once you experience this, a checkup is necessary in order to diagnose the problem immediately.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you can hear a rattling sound from the A/C system.

Rattling Blower Motor

The blower motor is connected to a large cylinder that can be found in either behind the glove box or at the base of the firewall just under the hood on the passenger side. The blower motor is in dire need of a replacement if it rattles even when the car idles.

Broken Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is what drives a lot of the car’s components including the air conditioner compressor. When the belt is cracked or there are missing pieces on the ribs, then you will hear either a screeching or a rattling sound. Either way, this calls for a belt replacement.

Worn Out Compressor Clutch

The compressor clutch gives the compressor power. Since it has movable components, it is more prone to a faster wear and tear. A worn out compressor clutch will cause a lot of rattling and has to be replaced along with the compressor.

Failing Idler Pulley Bearings

The rattling noise may be because of the idler pulley bearings that are already failing. As soon as the compressor engages, the engine becomes loaded too much hence the rattling sound.

Other Possible Reasons

If you have checked all the components that are possibly causing the rattling sound and can’t seem to point out the root cause, there may be other sources of the unusual sound. Loose parts, such as the hood prop rod, will rattle once the engine starts. Other parts of the A/C system could also be at fault. A broken condenser or debris on the fan belt can produce a rattling sound as well.

There are a lot of potential culprits when you hear a rattling sound on your A/C. The bottom line is that this sound is not only weird and unusual. It is a sign that there is a problem on the A/C system and that it should be a cause for concern. Although it is common that the A/C works fine and blows cool air even with all the rattling, it will soon show other sign of trouble after the rattling sound was first heard.

It is significant that the source of the noise is identified in order to be fixed. Usual remedies include replacing the broken parts such as the condenser, fan belt, compressor, A/C clutch, and others. Should this be the case, only trusted auto dealers, like the R & Y A/C Compressor should be sought. The best way to finally get rid of the annoying rattling sound is to repair what causes it in the first place.