Is Your Car A/C Blowing Warm Air

Is Your Car A/C Blowing Warm Air?

One of the essential components of a car A/C or any other air conditioning system is the refrigerant. Refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and is the primary reason for cool air in your system. If the air is warm, it would most likely be due to lack of refrigerant in the system. But what happened to the refrigerant?

To answer that question, let’s think about your refrigerator. It also contains refrigerant, but when was the last time you had to change it? Probably never. The reason for that is, refrigerant doesn’t get “used up” in the process of it doing its job. If your car is lacking refrigerant, the most likely reason for that is the refrigerant escaped – through a leak in your car A/C system.

Possible Areas For Leakage

The first thing you want to do is to check your car in all possible areas where it might be leaking, to be sure that it is in fact a leak. There are a few places you would want to check. Firstly, check the metal components in your car A/C system such as the condenser, evaporator, accumulator or receiver/drier. If the leak is in these metal components, you would need to patch up the hole with a special sealant that works on metal. The other places you want to check are rubber components, meaning O-rings, hoses, and gaskets. Rubber components simply need to be replaced as they may have become brittle over time and lost their elasticity, hence allowing the liquid refrigerant to leak through. Typically, such refrigerant leaks occur in cars that are over 5 years old. Finally, you want to check and make sure there are dust caps on the service ports of your A/C. If there are no dust caps, this could also be causing the leakage, and you can purchase new dust caps to replace them easily.

Refilling Your Refrigerant

When refilling your refrigerant, you would want to choose something that contains a proven stop leak additive and O-ring conditioner. These components help to prolong the efficiency of your A/C system, as you would not have to keep replacing the refrigerant or O-rings as often as you otherwise would have. When you have chosen a refill you like, you just need to pour it into the refrigerant fill port on the low-pressure side of your car A/C system.

If Your Problem Gets Out Of Hand

Small hairline cracks or pinhole leaks in the metal components are easy enough to fix by yourself, and so is replacing rubber components, or refilling the refrigerant in your car A/C system. But if you notice that the metal has been cracked quite badly, it would need to be replaced. Also, if you cannot find the right port to use to do the refill, it might be better to ask a professional before you try messing with it on your own. Companies like R & Y A/C Compressors have the expertise you need to solve your car A/C issues. With branches all over the United States, we are happy to assist you promptly and immediately.