Can You Get Better Performance With A Thermal Expansion Valve

Can You Get Better Performance With A Thermal Expansion Valve?

First of all, if you do not know what a thermal expansion valve is – let’s explain. A thermal expansion valve (also known as a TXV, or TEV) is an element of an air conditioning unit, whether that is an air conditioning unit within the home or the car. Most cars today have air conditioning. The valve controls the amount of refrigerant that is released into the unit, which means it is essential not only to ensure you get enough cooler air, but it also meters how much you actually need.

How Does It Work?

Inside your car’s A/C unit is a compressor and this is the piece inside your car’s cooling system that places the refrigerant fluid under pressure. When the pressure on the refrigerant load is reduced, the compressor sends less refrigerant out into the system.

So, How Does This Help?

By having a thermal expansion valve in place, you ensure the A/C compressor only works when you want it to. That means there is less wear and tear on it because it only kicks into action when it needs to send out the refrigerant. This will improve the A/C system’s overall efficiency levels and conserve refrigerant.

Protect Your A/C System

A thermal expansion valve will give added protection to your A/C system. This is because its control reduces the amount of refrigerant needed. If there was no valve to reduce or restrict the amount of refrigerant then too much may be released to the compressor, causing it to become overloaded. Over time, this will cause damage to it, i.e. causing your system to break down or burnout of the A/C compressor. In addition, you will use more refrigerant than is needed.

Consistency Is The Key

The thermal expansion valve is able to sense the temperature of the refrigerant inside the evaporator coils. This means it can control the movement of the refrigerant to the compressor, adjusting the amount of refrigerant needed to keep the optimum temperature. You can adjust the temperature of the A/C, so you always ensure the amount of cooler air in the car is consistent.

All Is Well

If all is running smoothly, you will not really notice just how much hard work your thermal expansion valve does as part of a well-honed, but simple A/C system. You will receive cool air and the temperature within the car will be just as you want it. However, you will soon notice if there is an issue, especially if you are faced with warmer air than usual or worse, still no air. There are many faults that can develop, and some may be cheaper to fix than others.

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