How You Can Keep Your Car Cold And Comfortable

How You Can Keep Your Car Cold And Comfortable

Car temperatures can rise dramatically during the summer months. Even with a good car A/C, it may take a while to bring down the temperature. Internal temperature can also vary based on your upholstery colors and the exterior shades. Darker colors tend to absorb heat quickly. There are a number of ways you can alleviate the heat in your vehicle.

Install Sun Shades For The Windows

Not only are sun shades low-priced, but it can also be easily set up and removed as and when required. You should buy at least one windshield shade, if not a complete set of shades for your car. This can significantly lessen the heat coming off the dashboard and prevent any discomfort that may occur due to a hot steering wheel and other interior parts.

Tint Windows To Block The Sun

This is a more permanent solution, as it does not require the hassle of setting up and removing every time you drive. For complete coverage, you can combine a windshield shade with tinted windows. It plays an important role if you regularly park in sunny areas. Consult an auto mechanic if you are tinting your car’s windows for the first time.

Park Your Car In A Covered Spot

If you want to keep your car cool and comfortable, make sure you are parking it in a sheltered spot. It does not necessarily have to be a garage. Parking under a tree will also serve the purpose. The sun keeps moving throughout the day. You may find a shaded spot in the morning, only to realize your car has been baking in the sun for hours.

Keep Your Windows Open

A fully packed vehicle can develop an immense amount of heat, and one of the best ways to counter that includes keeping your windows slightly open to allow a small amount of air to flow inside. You can also leave your sunroof open if your car has one.

Use Seat Covers For Leather Upholstery

Cars with a leather interior can get really hot during summertime. It is recommended that you buy some cloth seat covering to help keep the temperature down. This allows you to settle down in the driver’s seat without experiencing discomfort.

Use Your A/C The Right Way

You don’t want your auto air conditioning system to shut down when it’s required the most. Regular maintenance is very important to keep your A/C system in good shape. For that, you need to use you’re a/C with proper care, without putting too much unnecessary load on it.

At first, lower the back windows to let out the hot air that is trapped inside your car. Turn on the air re-circulating feature of the car and wait until the temperature is to your liking. This helps maintain a cool temperature by not bringing in hot air from the outside.

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