What can cause a compressor failure

What Can Cause A Compressor Failure?

The A/C compressor is a very important part of the air conditioning system. When it fails, then the A/C system will also fail to deliver the functions expected from it. Sometimes, however, you can commit the mistake of thinking that a particular thing is causing the A/C compressor to fail only to find out later on that it is not realty the problem. Lack of knowledge about situations that make the A/C compressor malfunction will also do your system a lot of harm. It pays to know then about the list of things that can cause a compressor failure.

Failure to Use the Compressor Regularly

Compressors need to run regularly so that they remain lubricated all the time. If you do not use them as often as needed, they will lack that lubrication which will then cause excessive wear and tear on the part of the compressor. If the car has not been used for a week, you have to make sure that you turn it on so that you can turn the air conditioning system on and allow the compressor to run. A few minutes will help lubricate the compressor and will prevent it from failing.

Forgetting to Flush the A/C System

Another problem that can cause A/C compressor failure is the failure to flush the air conditioning system. Remember that hoses and compressors can wear and tear and when they do, debris can mix with the oil that lubricates the system. Any sludge that gets into the A/C compressor will cause it to stop working. If you fail to flush the system or even if you do flush it but do not do it properly, residue will buildup in the compressor thus causing failure.

Too Much Pressure

Too much pressure herein refers to excessive pressure both on the high or low mode. Basically, higher pressure results when condenser fans are not connected properly or when motor windings are defective. In this case, the motor gets too hot and can damage the compressor later on. The same happens when the refrigerant has a low charge. This will prevent proper lubrication in the compressor thus causing it to fail.

Improper Charging of Freon or Oil

Some compressors have smaller capacities most especially those which have been manufactured after 1990. These ones use lesser oil and refrigerant and are very sensitive to the amount of oil placed in them. Failure to make sure that the right type of oil has been used to charge the system will result to breakdown. Likewise, the condenser, expansion valve, or orifice tube can get clogged when there is too much oil used for charging. This can then fail to provide the right amount of oil that the compressor needs which will result to failure later.

Using Refrigerant Blends

Another factor that can cause failure to the compressor is the use of refrigerant blends. These ones are known to affect the O-rings and the seals of the system which will later on result to leaking or swelling. At the worse, this can cause deterioration of the compressor at the fastest time you have never imagined.