What You Can Do When Your Auto A/C Compressor Breaks Down

What You Can Do When Your Auto A/C Compressor Breaks Down

Auto parts are subject to wear and tear and may even break down completely and fail to work. Among a car’s components, the auto A/C compressor is one of those that are used heavily and put under pressure. Later, or prematurely sooner, it will falter and will demand for a repair

Without a damaged compressor, your air conditioning system will not work causing a lot of inconvenience with each travel. Read on to get the basics about a compressor breakdown so you will know what kind of fix is needed.

Diagnosing a Broken AC Compressor

Alarm bells should be in motion once you feel that the A/C vents are blowing out warm instead of a cool air. There are a number of causes for this kind of problem but one of the first things to check is whether the compressor engages or otherwise. Do this by locating the compressor and turning on the A/C. If the compressor clutch spins, then it works fine and you must look for another reason why the A/C is broken.

If the clutch does not spin and the compressor is not engaged, see if there is no problem with the power supply towards the clutch. If power is flowing through to the clutch, then it is apparent that you have a broken A/C compressor and that it must be repaired the soonest possible time.

DIY Repair

Because of the exorbitant costs for a repair, a lot of owners are considering to try fixing the defect on their own. However, without the proper knowledge about how auto A/C system works and how each part functions, you could damage it further if you will insist on DIY. An A/C compressor works at high pressures, it also contains liquid refrigerant that is hazardous when handled wrongly. There are special tools that must be used in evacuating refrigerant as well as during a recharge.

It is highly recommended that the expertise of a mechanic be sought to repair a broken A/C compressor. Aside from having the best tools, he has enough knowledge that he can use to properly diagnose and repair the damage.

If there is a need to purchase a new compressor, hose assemblies, condensers, and other A/C parts, it is good to know that there are reliable places to buy them from. R & Y A/C compressors, for one, has over 25 years of experience in the car air conditioning parts business so you can be assured that you will get quality replacements that you need.

To avoid having a faulty air conditioning system, it is essential to have it checked regularly as a part of the routine maintenance checkup of your vehicle. A regular maintenance will keep your A/C running great for a very long time. This will not only save you money for undue repairs but will also make sure that you will have a comfortable drive every single time.