why buy re-manufactured ac compressors

Why Buy Remanufactured A/C Compressors?

Cars that run longer miles are prone to frequent damages. A lot of this damage is due to a faulty A/C component. The air conditioning system of a car often starts to perform poorly if the car is frequently used for a long time. Timely servicing prevents damages most of the time, but some parts need replacement eventually.

Compressor Trouble

The compressor of the mobile A/C system gets overworked when the car is running long distances with the AC turned up high. Debris accumulates in the blinds of the various parts and end up rotting when it comes in contact with any moisture.

Servicing Versus Replacement

When a compressor trouble occurs, you have two options. You can get it serviced, all the debris flushed out from all the components. Or you can get it replaced. It is recommended that you get your original compressor serviced as long as it does not need replacement. The factory original will have a longer shelf life than any of your following compressors.

When you finally decide to replace, you have three options. Rebuild, remanufacture, or go for a new OEM one. Be it the original one or a second one, do not delay the replacement when required because a compressor that is too old for ideal use, will end up putting some strain on the other components of the AC system.

Rebuilt Compressors

A rebuilt compressor is nothing but a repaired and cleaned up one. The parts of the compressor that have the leaks are mended and any leaks are cleaned out. Some parts too damaged for repair and might need to be replaced with another second hand component that has been fixed in a similar way. These parts are then coated with paint to cover the visible flaws up and make it look better. Basically, ‘rebuilt’ means ‘repaired’.

It is strictly recommended to not go for this option. The damages are just temporarily repaired. The imperfect parts will create more friction and the coating will cause more blockage. This will not just fall apart soon, but also cause heating issues in the compressor, thereby posing a threat to the entire A/C unit.

Remanufactured Compressor

Remanufacturing a compressor is to replace the damaged parts with proper parts that meet the standards of a new component. The mechanical tolerance level of a remanufactured unit is as good as that of an OEM unit, provided that the mechanic did not use rebuilt parts into the system. The refrigerant is completely drained and replaced. Each part is broken down to the frame and remanufactured perfectly. An honestly remanufactured compressor will have all 100 percent functional parts. The compressor will be at optimum performance and durability. Most importantly, it will be energy efficient, unlike the rebuilt one that causes heating issues and damages things quicker than ever.

OEM Compressor

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you do not trust the remanufactured product or your mechanics, you can go for a complete replacement of the entire compressor unit. This is just as good as a remanufactured one. But the higher price and the OEM tag gives a false sense of security.

That’s why, a remanufactured compressor is the recommended type of replacement to go for. It is better than OEM and definitely better than rebuilt.