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How To Buy An A/C Compressor

For decades, drivers have been enjoying the benefit of cool air comfort since the air conditioning was first introduced in the 1930s. However, today the A/Cs are viewed as a burden by drivers who don’t really take time to understand how they works and therefore, when their A/C breaks down they find it as an inconvenience.

A car’s A/C usually stops functioning at its peak mostly because of two major reasons; a bad compressor or low refrigerant. If you check and find that your refrigerant levels are sufficient, that means that your A/C has a problem with the compressor. A/C compressors may experience internal failure or external failure.

The external failure comes about as a result of a refrigerant leak, or a malfunctioning pulley or cutch. This type of problem is usually very easy to fix. The internal failure on the other hand can be detected by the presence of metal flakes or bits around the compressor. The damage caused by internal failures can spread throughout the system which means one has to replace the entire compressor.

How To Buy Good Quality A/C Compressors

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Units

Buying an OEM compressor gives a guarantee that you will get a part that will perfectly fit and the specifications will be just right. These parts cost more but they are worth every penny since authenticity is guaranteed.

  • Aftermarket Units

Aftermarket parts are of high quality just like OEM parts. However, before buying an aftermarket part, you need to ensure that the part fits well. Also, check that the part has no rusty or worn areas and that the receipt matches the part.

  • Refurbished Units

There are so many rebuilt compressors in the market today and they are available at slightly cheaper prices than new ones. When shopping for a refurbished compressor, make sure that you choose to buy from reputable refurbished compressor providers so that you can be more confident about the quality of the compressors.

What To Know For Your Purchase

When shopping for a compressor, you need to know what other parts you should include with your purchase. You should also know what kind of warranty you will get with your parts. Some dealers insist that you have to buy a whole compressor kit and follow installation instructions in order for your warranty to be valid. It is advisable to buy all parts from one dealer since you will be getting the same quality of parts. Compressor units usually have a one year warranty.

Vital Information You Should Have When Buying A Compressor

Once you decide whether you will buy an aftermarket kit or an OEM, you still need to have some information on hand. The most crucial piece of information that is needed is the model and make of your car. In some cases you may be asked to give the sub model of your car as well. The reason you have to present this information is because manufacturers change parts for different model years. This information helps a dealer to get the right part that fits your car.