Become An Expert At Fixing Your BMW A/C System

Become An Expert At Fixing Your BMW A/C System

BMWs are well-made cars that rarely have mechanical issues of any kind. However, like all machines they are subject to the laws of entropy and wear, including their BMW A/C system. Below are some issues that you might run into with it and how they can be addressed.

How Air Conditioning Functions

Before you can fix your BMW’s air conditioning system, you have to know how it functions. The AC operates by extracting air via the atmosphere and recirculating it within the cabin. When doing this it moves the air through vanes which are filled with A/C fluid, which is referred to as refrigerant in most modern models.

Once the air has cooled down, the fluid will be warm and will expand within the evaporator. The compressor will then lower the refrigerant temperature which enables the unit to continue emitting cool air. There are also external components, such as the AC controls, vents which are used to change airflow direction and fans which are responsible for circulating the air.

A/C Failure

Air conditioning systems are subject to breakdown, which often occurs from within. It usually transpires due to an event that technicians name a black death. The refrigerant will deteriorate within the air compressor which in turn results in the compressor degrading and jamming internally. It is difficult to prevent, so your A/C should be inspected periodically to ensure it is in good working condition.

Refrigerant Leak

Another common issue that plagues AC units is refrigerant leakage. The fluid within is a critical component and should it begin leaking out, the A/C will not function properly. Depending on the unit your BMW uses, the fluid might be visible when exposed to black light, so if leakage is suspected using a black light can highlight stains in the garage that would otherwise be invisible. Some resolve the issue by recharging their A/C, but this is not recommended by many experts as the entire system might need to be repaired, plus refrigerant can be dangerous because it can cause chemical burns should it come into contact with the skin.

Additional Issues

Aside from refrigerant deterioration or leakage, issues can also occur with electrical fans, along with the controls on the dashboard. It is important to evaluate them to ensure that they operate correctly. Sometimes drivers notice that the air being produced by their A/C, while cool, is not as cold as it should be. This means that you could have a problem with the compressor or the clutch. Like other car parts, A/C units have increased in complexity over the years and so it may be best to have a specialist look at to find out precisely what is wrong. If you detect an unpleasant smell coming from your A/C unit, this means the air filter might need to be replaced as mold might have grown inside it or the evaporator case.