Do You Have A Bad Car A/C High Pressure Hose

Do You Have A Bad Car A/C High Pressure Hose?

Air conditioning systems on most vehicles are fairly sophisticated, and it would benefit you to read up about them before attempting to do any checking or maintenance by yourself. Typically, air conditioning systems operate using high and low pressures. One side of the A/C system is low pressure, where the refrigerant starts off in gaseous form. The other side is high pressure, where the refrigerant is converted into a liquid form in order to be able to flow through the system. Both sides of this system work together to keep the refrigerant flowing, and to keep everything working properly. The refrigerant is carried from the compressor outlet to the receiver, or drier, via your car A/C high-pressure hose, in order for the refrigerant to be cooled further and to produce cold air to be blown through the vents.

The A/C high pressure hose is subject to high levels of pressure and stress while in use, especially due to the high-pressure refrigerant it transports. It therefore has a high propensity to cause problems for the rest of the air conditioning system if it fails. Luckily, it is possible to identify symptoms of a failing car A/C pressure hose early on so as to prevent any worse damage from occurring.

A/C Ceases To Blow Cool Air

Chances are the first thing you would notice to indicate a breakdown of your air conditioning system is the lack of cool air blowing from your car’s air vents. This could be because the hose has broken down and is no longer able to carry the refrigerant to the drier to be cooled.

Visible Physical Damage On The Hose

You can also eyeball the high pressure hose to check if there is any visible physical damage to the hose that might be causing a leak. The high pressure hose is located in the engine bay, and it can sometimes be a tight fit for the hose. With continuous friction from the hose rubbing against moving engine components, the car’s vibrations, or even heat damage coming off the engine, the hose could become worn down or damage. Check for abrasions, loose threads or signs of tearing on the hose.

Leaking Around The Hose

Usually, it is possible to notice visually if there is leaking around the hose, as you can see traces of refrigerant dripping from the hose or along the fittings. Serious leaking would quickly drain the refrigerant, which is a volatile liquid and could cause more problems for your car.

Should you notice any of the above symptoms, it is important to get your car A/C high-pressure hose replaced immediately. You might choose to send it to a technician, or your car dealer if it is still under warranty. Otherwise, you may choose to replace it yourself, by purchasing a brand new car A/C high pressure hose from a trusted online dealer. You can also learn more about fixing common car A/C problems in our learning center.