Bad A/C Compressor Oil

Bad A/C Compressor Oil Can Cause Auto A/C Failure

Just like blood and how it is important in making the human body work, the A/C compressor oil is vital in the air conditioning system for it to function seamlessly.

Using low-quality oil or having old oil in the system will lead to a faster wear and tear. This may even cause a compressor failure and a total loss of air conditioning power.

What Is Air Compressor Oil For

Air compressor oil is not like any other oil. It is formulated especially for compressors and has a number of functions. Oil helps cool and lubricate the compressor, and seals every nook and cranny to prevent leaks.

Without oil, friction will cause the compressor to heat up and will cause the air conditioning system to shut down. The compressor will also leak a lot of air if there is no oil to act as a sealant. The moving parts inside the compressor also benefit from the oil as it they are lubricated too. This further increases the life of the motor.

Why Does Oil Cause an A/C Failure

The A/C system needs sufficient oil for lubrication. Irregular oil changes and being negligent in lubrication intervals often start the internal problems within the compressor.

Oil ages when not changed regularly. As it goes bad, its viscosity lessens because of its exposure to a lot of cooling and heating cycles. Because of friction, the environment inside the compressor becomes too humid that the grease liquefies and this will further make it lose its ability to lubricate. During the cold months, low temperature can get into the compressor and make the oil icy which is also ineffective. Another reason why oil must be changed is that it can get very acidic if left to age for a long period. Instead of a helpful effect, it becomes corrosive and damaging to the internal parts.

Oil Replacement Schedule

Car A/C system maintenance differ according to the manufacturer’s standards. This also applies to oil replacement schedule. However, it is generally recommended to have a replacement between 20,000 km to 30,000 km or every 500-1,000 hours of run time.

The oil level should also be checked often to make sure that it is within the acceptable amount during every use. One trick to remember is to look at the sight glass. If you can see the oil level, then there is enough of it. If not, then it can either be because there is not enough oil inside or there is too much.

Also, remember that it is important that old oil should never be mixed with the new one. Remove the old oil completely and clean the oil tank to remove the acidity of the older oil. This will lessen the chance of contaminating the fresh oil.

As important as keeping the oil fresh, you must also consider getting A/C system part replacements from a supplier who guarantees quality products should there be a need to replace parts that were damaged because of bad compressor oil. The R & Y A/C Compressors can assure the best compressors, hose assemblies, accumulators, evaporators, etc. are given to every client. With an A/C system that works great and fresh oil for the compressor, a comfortable and cool ride is always a guarantee.