why is the ac performing weakly during long distance

Why Is The AC Performing Weakly During Long Distance?

An overworked car engine can affect its inbuilt air-conditioning system in adverse ways. But problems can occur anyway. Let’s find out the reasons behind some common car A/C problems that occur during long drives.

Burned Up Compressor

This often happen because the orifice tube and accumulator of the compressor get clogged and need replacement. On long drives, the compressor is overworked. Therefore, it needs a more frequent flushing. You don’t need to change the entire compressor as long as you are sure all the debris from all the long drives have all been flushed out. If you have auto air-conditioning system, get an inline filter to avoid debris accumulation because these systems accumulate debris quickly.

Rattling Air-Conditioning Clutch

If nothing is done in time, not only does the A/C clutch rattle, but also, starts smoking. It can happen because the clutch is worn out or due to low voltage that prevents complete engaging and disengaging.

The pressure of the A/C system can also be too high for, making the clutch slip. Whatever the reason may be, do not ignore this problem. Get the clutch changed right away. If the clutch doesn’t engage even after changing the fuse and clutch, take it to a mechanical electrician to find out faults with the connection.

AC Blowing Heat

If the A/C blows heat instead of cool air on starting, especially when the car is in high speed, you don’t have much to worry. The system is just saving power. But if it doesn’t start cooling within 3 or 4 minutes, we have a problem. Get your control unit checked. If everything is okay there, maybe you are low on refrigerant.

If your A/C starts blowing hot air after some time of driving, make sure the repair shop tests it for a while before dismissing your problem. Don’t waste money on their vague assumptions. Get the mechanic to drive the car long enough to realize there is actually a heating issue.

AC Not Cooling Adequately

This is a common problem. You need to stop relying on the over the counter gauge and take it to a mechanic to check the high and low side pressures. The clutch cycling also needs to be checked. You will need adequate refrigerant of a compatible type and make sure the electrical circuits are all fine.

If your A/C is not blowing adequately, it could simply be due to accumulated dirt in the air filter. Get it cleaned. Also, check the evaporator for condensed dirt. Get that cleaned as well. Cars that are used on long trips clog quicker. Check the cowl and the passenger side footwall for accumulated dirt.

Car Overheating On Long Drives With A/C On

This is a simple problem of inadequate car coolant and A/C refrigeration. The cooling fans need to be functional at all times on long drives. Get the blowers changed as needed. The cooling fan and cooling agents for the engine and A/C system must be checked on regularly if you use your car for long drives often.

Look after your car and A/C system regularly to avoid dangerous or inconvenient situations.