Subaru is a word with an actual meaning of ‘unite’. It refers to the 6 stars on the company logo, which stands for the six companies that constitute the FHI group. As per Greek mythology, it is considered as a part of the Taurus constellation, and is known that the daughters of Atlas turned into a group of stars.

About Subaru

Subaru is an automobile manufacturing company of the Japanese firm Subaru Corporation, which was initially known as Fuji Heavy Industries. In 2012, it became the 22nd largest automaker in the world, in terms of production. The brand has been traditionally popular among core buyers in western markets.

Subaru cars are particularly known for their boxer engine layout in a majority of vehicles above 1500 cc. Since 1958, Subaru has focused on producing vehicles that provide intelligent packing, exceptional driving performance and high safety in all conditions. The Symmetrical All Wheel Drive concept was a revolutionary extension, and they strive for a technology that allows the car owner to direct their vehicle as they intend to. This is backed up with dependable driving performance in any weather condition.

Popular Car Make and Model Under Subaru

Subaru is well-known for their sedans and SUVs. Here is a quick look at their latest vehicle lineup:

  • Subaru BR-Z
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Subaru Outback
  • Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Tribeca

The Evolution of Subaru

  • In 1954: Subaru 1500 was the first official car to be released by the company, also known by the name of P-1. Only 20 vehicles of this kind were built at the that time.
  • In 1958: Subaru 360 was the first mass production, and it was manufactured and marketed till 1971 as the People’s Car. At that time, car was not an affordable choice for a typical individual in Japan.
  • In 1977: Following the struggle of Subaru 360 sales, the designers of Subaru knew they had to come up with something unique and different. Subaru Brat was next in line with a 2-seater cabin, featuring 4WD.
  • In 1989: The first generation of Subaru Legacy competed in a 100,000-kilometer road test against top models. It completed the track with a mean speed of 138 MPH in a record time, and people started taking notice. Subaru started working on powerful and efficient engines.
  • In 1996: In a 24-hour challenge at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Subaru Forester won the popular Hulman Trophy for setting a new record with an average of 111.9 MPH.
  • In 2005: Subaru officially launched the B9 Tribeca Model, being a 7-seater sport vehicle. With a 3-liter DOHC Boxer Engine, it marked a new generation of crossover vehicles.
  • In 2012: Following the sale of 266,989 units in 2012, Subaru broke an all-time record for the number of sales in a year. At the time, it was the only manufacturer to post 4 years of consecutive sales growth in the US.

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