Remember the Acura NSX in the Avengers movie? Or the TSX owned by Mark Zuckerberg? Acura is constantly breaking molds to design and manufacture best-in-class vehicles. They continually strive to push boundaries to create a truly moving culture. Let’s find out more about Acura and its rich history!

About Acura

Acura is a luxury subsidiary of Honda, the famed Japanese automaker. The renowned brand, Acura, was launched in the United States in 1986. It started out marketing high-performance and luxury vehicles. In the following years, Acura was introduced to Hong Kong, Russia, China, Mexico, Kuwait, and Ukraine. Honda eventually managed to introduce Acura to the Japanese domestic market (JDM) after the financial crisis.

Acura is a brand that obsessed with precision crafted performance. They are not afraid to break rules and build cars with a conviction that others might pass off as “crazy.” Acura has a unique way to solve problems. They are known to conduct impromptu meetings called Waigaya. These brainstorming sessions allow them to come up with wild ideas and radical concepts. That’s not all. Acura is also active in the motorsports scene, i.e. the championship circuit. They have just unveiled their new, sophisticated supercar called the NSX GT3.

Popular Car Make and Model Under Acura

Acura is well-known for their sedans and SUVs. Here is a quick look at their latest vehicle lineup:

  • Acura ILX
  • Acura TLX
  • Acura RLX
  • Acura RDX
  • Acura MDX
  • Acura NSX

The Evolution of Acura

  • In 1986: Honda Motor Company worked with 60 participating dealerships to launch Acura. The brand introduced Acura Integra and Acura Legend as its first two models. Acura managed to sell over 50,000 vehicles; their success gains attention from other notable Japanese auto manufacturers such as Nissan and Toyota.
  • In 1987: Acura introduced its Legend Coupe. It received several accolades and allowed Acura to shoot up as one of the highest selling luxury import brands in the nation.
  • In 1991: Acura sales hit an all-time record of 143,708 vehicles.
  • In 1998: Acura redesigned its TL model, helping boost Acura sales figures.
  • In 2000: Acura redesigned and introduced new vehicles to refresh its corporate image. One of its offerings is the MDX, which became a successful vehicle for Acura. RSX was next on the list.
  • In 2004: After introducing the third-generation Acura TL and the all-new TSX, 2004 proved to be a big year for the brand. Acura managed to showcase its all-wheel-drive system and super-handling technology.
  • Current: In recent years, the brand’s designs have shifted from radical and contemporary. Just like other automotive brands, they have also been affected by the American and global financial recessive period. However, that did not affect Acura’s morale to continue working hard to maintain its reputation. It does so by delivering cutting-edge technology to the general public.

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