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A/C Not Turning On

An important skill to learn is knowing how to troubleshoot your car’s A/C. It helps to know your car inside out; it can be a huge life-saver in the summer heat. When your A/C is not turning on, it is time to put on your thinking hat, take a look at the system, and try figuring out what went wrong.

Understanding How a Car A/C Works

If you do not know much about how your car works, it will be impossible to troubleshoot problems with your A/C. Your car’s A/C system comprises a compressor that pumps a liquid-gas substance called Freon, through the entire system. Freon is designed to travel through the expansion valves, where it will also contract or expand based on how much air conditioning is required. It will proceed through the evaporating core and release the cold air it has created into the car.

Start by Checking Your Vehicle’s Front

What should you do if your A/C refuses to switch on? You may wish to alight from your vehicle and briefly inspect your front grill and bumper. There could be mud or debris hindering airflow under the hood of your car, which prevents your A/C from working properly. If you notice anything that poses as an obstruction to air flow, remove it and then try your A/C again.

Inspect the Belt

Before you open your hood to inspect the A/C system, be sure to turn your car off. In most cases, the A/C compressor itself will have a belt surrounding it. Check the belt and see if anything is missing or loose. If you find any problems with the belt, get it fixed without delay. This should solve your A/C problem.

Ensure that the Compressor is Working

Sometimes you may not find any obvious issues. You may check to see if the A/C compressor is still working. Turn on your engine and leave your car’s hood open. Next, turn on your A/C and listen to the compressor. If it is silent, a fuse may have been disconnected or have burnt out. Alternatively, it could mean that the wiring leading from or to the compressor has worn away.

Check to See if Fan is Working

Sometimes only the fan works when the A/C is switched on. If the noises of a running motor is absent when the A/C is turned on, it may indicate a fan problem where there’s a stalled motor. If your car’s A/C airflow has been decreasing lately, it is a clear indication that the fan’s motor is dying. To give your A/C the power that it needs, simply replace the faulty fan.

Are the Freon Levels Low?

Still cannot figure out what went wrong with your car’s A/C? It is likely that your Freon levels are low. It is about time that you have the Freon refilled or get the A/C recharged by an experienced auto mechanic. Use the opportunity to also check for Freon leaks while your car’s system is being recharged or refilled. This is a surefire way to prevent your A/C from failing in a month. Frequent users of A/C are recommended to recharge their A/C and refill their Freon once a year.