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Common Trailer Air Conditioner Problems (A/C for Trailers)

Proper care and maintenance of your trailer is the only way to keep it in tip-top shape so that you are able to enjoy it for years to come. One of the most crucial parts in a trailer is its air conditioning unit. Just like any other piece of machinery, A/Cs can have problems. Everything from lukewarm air to an improperly functioning motor can happen to your trailer’s A/C unit from time to time. If you have noticed that your A/C is underperforming, how can you tell for certain that your trailer’s AC has a problem before you call in a technician? There are several components you can look at separately to get to know why your A/C is acting up.

Check The Thermostat

The first thing you should always check when your trailer’s A/C is not functioning properly is the thermostat. Set it at the right temperature and check if it is powered correctly. If the A/C is one of those units operated by a hard wire, check the circuit box or the fuse. In most cases you may find that the circuit breaker has tripped and if that is the case, you just have to reset it. If the problem is the fuse, then you simply have to replace it. If the thermostat is run by a battery, check if the battery itself is functioning properly as well.

Check The Power Cord

Many trailers have their A/Cs powered by an extension cord that runs to the outlet from the compressor. First, check that the power cord is plugged in. Then, confirm is the power source is functioning properly. If you find that the power cord has a problem, replace it.

Change The Filter

The first indication that a trailer’s A/C is not working properly is you will notice the air flow is too weak or the air is not getting cold enough. This can happen when you forget to replace the filter on the AC when it is due. If you notice that the filter is filled with a lot of grime and dirt, replace the filter immediately. After changing the filter, you should notice a much cooler airflow.

Check The Fluids

If you still can’t identify why your trailer’s A/C is not working properly, try to walk round and check for any signs of leakages. Check the condensing unit to see if you will find any dripping liquids. If notice some fluids, that means that the Freon or condensing fluid is likely leaking. The next step you should take is to stop the leakage and replace the fluids in the air conditioner to return the A/C to a cold air flow.

The best thing to do when you find out that your trailer’s A/C is not functioning properly is to call in a qualified technician to have a look. A technician will know exactly where to look and when they get to the problem, they will have the right tools to fix it. Avoid leaving things lying around freely in your trailer to stop them from rolling around which can affect your A/C when you haul it to your next destination.