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Common Tractor Air Conditioner Problems (A/C for Tractors)

Truck air conditioning systems are much larger than most vehicle systems. These A/Cs use a larger air compressor and a larger condenser to cool the air in a tractor. If you have a tractor, common A/C failures you may experience include:

Refrigerant Leaks

To know when your tractor’s refrigerant is leaking, you will notice the following symptom. Your tractor A/C will suddenly underperform or stop working at all due to a low refrigerant charge. The problem usually results when there are leakages from the evaporator, compressor, O-rings, hoses and so on. A common cause for a leaking refrigerant is when a rock comes through the grill and punctures the condenser.

Electric Cooling Fan Failures

You can only notice electric cooling fan failures when the A/C is idle. At high speeds, the wind passes through the grill at high speeds which supplies sufficient airflow through the condenser. If the AC fans are not operating properly, it can result in engine overheating.

Compressor Contamination

This A/C problem is considered as the black death. When a compressor is damaged, debris distributes through the entire system and leads to contamination which forms a black film everywhere. When an A/C’s compressors get contaminated the only solution is to replace the entire system. That includes the expansion valve, hoses, condenser, evaporator and compressor.

Inadequate Flow Of Refrigerant Oil

When the refrigerant charge gets low, it often leads to A/C compressor failure. You may not notice this problem through the pressure sensor since the system pressure may not be high enough to force a system shut down. This is why it is very important to address any A/C lack-of-performance symptoms as they arise.  However, if you notice any abnormal noise from your tractor’s A/C, that may be an indication that its compressor is damaged.

Blockage Of Refrigerant

An A/C’s system contamination can lead to the blockage of refrigerant flow through the system. The same problem can also be as a result of kinked line or a stuck closed expansion valve. Analyzing abnormal low- and high- side pressures can help you locate the problem easily. However, you need to use proper equipment to do this. That is why you need to call in an experienced technician to check out the issue and work on the problem once they locate the main root cause of the problem.

Lack Of Servicing

It is a no brainer that one has to service an A/C system at least once every year. By not servicing your tractor’s A/C as required, you are setting yourself up for costly repairs. Also, you need to call in experts to conduct a thorough system check to ensure that you’re a/C operates at its optimum at all times. During the system checkup, a technician can check for any malfunctioning parts and take care of the problem before it develops into a serious breakdown.

If you experience any of the above problems with your tractor’s A/C, ensure that you handle the problem as soon as possible to avoid costly consequences down the road.