Front View of Semi Truck with Cargo Trailer

Common Cargo Trailer Air Conditioner Problems (A/C for Cargo Trailers)

Cargo trailers are mostly meant to haul equipment or cargo that is temperature sensitive. The only way to ensure that a cargo trailer maintains proper temperature is by putting in an air conditioner. If your cargo trailer does not have an A/C unit, you can still invest in an aftermarket rooftop unit to provide a cooling effect in the trailer.

At times, maintaining an air conditioner in cargo trailer can be challenging, but with basic mechanic skills you can successfully offer solutions to common cargo trailer air conditioner problems. However, you are advised to call in an A/C expert to handle any problems with your trailer’s cooling system. Let’s take a look at steps you need to take when checking why your cargo trailer’s A/C is not functioning properly.

Step 1

Always begin by checking whether the power supply to the A/C is plugged in. If all is okay, check whether the circuit breaker has tripped. In case the breaker was tripped, test the amount of power coming into the trailer.

Step 2

If your power supply is okay and the circuit breaker has not tripped, you need to further check the A/C for any malfunctions. Check if there are any leakages.

Step 3

If there are no visible problems with your air conditioning unit, call in a technician to conduct a thorough system check to get to the root of the problem.

Potential Causes Why Your A/C Is Not Cooling

Old A/C Unit

If you have owned your cargo trailer for a few years, it is natural that the air conditioner as well may be old nad needs replacement. However, not all cargo trailers automatically come installed with an air conditioner unit. If this is your case, you can in invest in aftermarket A/C unit for your trailer.

A/C Can’t Keep Up

It is not unusual to have an air conditioning system that is not able to keep up with extreme weather changes. If you find that during very hot days your cargo trailer does not cool as it should, it is an indication that your A/C unit cannot keep up. This mostly happens when one has installed an aftermarket unit and did not choose the right specifications depending on the size of the cargo trailer. If you are faced with such a problem, you have the option of installing an additional unit to help keep up on hot days.

Dirty Filters

With time, dirt accumulates in the filters, coils and fins which can restrict the amount of air that flows through an A/C. Every now and then, you are required to change the filters. If you forget to change your filters in due time, grime will build up drastically thus, decreasing the efficiency of your A/C unit.

Tips For Maintaining Your Cargo Trailer Air Conditioner

  • Manage thermostat settings by setting it at low temperatures and turning the fan on.
  • Once in a while, open the roof vent
  • Have the condenser checked at least twice a year
  • Be sure to keep the fan inside the A/C unit well oiled
  • Buy a cover for your A/C and use it when the cargo trailer is not being used