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Add On Air Conditioning For Trucks

Air conditioning systems for trucks are a critical driver safety system, not just a luxury.  During summer, on a very hot day, temperatures inside a truck’s cabin can actually exceed those outside. When hot sun beats down on the glass and metal of an uncooled cabin, the searing heat inside the truck can slow down a driver’s reflexes in critical situation or even put him at risk of heat stroke.

If you have a truck that does not have an AC system, it is important to install an add on air conditioning. Buy from a reputable manufacturer who specializes in aftermarket AC kits. It is one thing to have an AC installed in your truck, but it is another to keep it working correctly and efficiently. To ensure that your add on air conditioning functions efficiently and properly, be sure to make these simple checks:

Look For Leaks

Always be on the lookout for refrigerant leaks. You can tell there is a leakage when you notice the presence of refrigerant oil under or on the location of the leak. To avoid future leaks, keep checking your fittings and hoses for cracks or any other issues. Pay more attention to areas where hoses are secured and also to flex and bends points. Instead of fixing faulty hoses, simply replace them.

Listen To The Motor

If you notice that your cabin is too quiet and you can’t hear any noises from the motor of your blower, this is a clear indication that it is time for a replacement. Even if you still feel the cool air circulating but don’t hear any noises, you still need a replace your blower. If you hear noises like grinding or buzzing, that’s an indication that your truck’s blower is about to fail. If you continue to operate with a blower that is working at less than full efficiency, you will be putting a greater load on the rest of the AC system.

Observe Cold-Weather Behavior

A truck’s AC system works together with a defroster to get rid of any condensation from the side and front windows. If you notice that your windows are frequently steamed up during winter, which means that your AC will have some issues when summer comes around. It is best to have your AC checked in early to avoid inconveniences when hot weather rolls in.

Keep It Clean

Remove debris and dirt from the system on a regular basis. When cleaning, pay more attention to the condenser where bugs, bird feathers, mud or leaves may have accumulated. You should be very gentle when cleaning the condenser to avoid damaging the fins. Use a vacuum, air blower or soap and water. Don’t forget to check for debris in the cabin air filters.

Take It To The Experts

While the above tips will help you to uncover obvious issues, you still need to take your truck for a complete AC inspection every year. Doing this helps keep your air conditioner operating at its peak efficiency. Find a company that provides quality automotive air conditioning parts and services to service your AC and also make a thorough system checkup to check for any malfunctioning parts.