Is Your Car A/C Make Weird Noises? Here’s How To Fix It


Does your car A/C make weird noises? When the air conditioner in your automobile is noisy, something is amiss. This means that you need to investigate as soon as possible. Besides, when summertime arrives, having a damaged automobile air conditioner is the last thing you will want to worry about.

Do not worry, we are here to assist you in recognizing the several types of undesirable car air conditioner sounds today! You can then interpret it and take appropriate action if needed. Continue reading if you want to discover how to silence a noisy car A/C compressor.

Squealing or Screaming Car A/C Sound

The serpentine belt may be the cause of the screaming or squealing sounds coming from your car’s air conditioner. The A/C compressor’s pulley is turned by the serpentine belt, which also pressurizes the refrigerant pipes. Your automobile can then fill with cool air.

So, if you hear squealing, look for signs of wear and strain on the serpentine belt. Look for ribs that are missing, cracked, or torn. To stop the noise, you may need to replace it if it is severely damaged.

Before you take any action, you must consult a mechanic thoroughly diagnose the problem and rectify the problem for you safely and professionally.

Knocking or Clicking Car A/C Noise

Check the system for any loose bolts or other parts if your car air conditioner is continuously clicking or knocking. You might be able to identify the source of the noise if you start the engine and lift the hood.

Simply take a step back and look for any areas that appear to be vibrating since that indicates that something is loose. The simplest way to fix this is to tighten the loose bolts or other parts, which you may be able to accomplish on your own.

To hold the bolts in place for longer, you can also go the extra mile and use a thread-locking compound. The easiest weird automobile A/C noise to fix is definitely this one!

Buzzing Car A/C Sound

When you use the air conditioner in your automobile, the compressor might need to be checked if it buzzes. One of the most typical symptoms of a failing car A/C compressor is a buzzing noise. Typically, it denotes an excessive refrigerant charge in the system.

There will be vibrations if there is too much refrigerant liquid in the system because it will enter the compressor intake port. That’s not good at all because it can shorten the compressor’s lifespan. You must take care of the compressors because they are costly to replace.

Check to see if there is extra refrigerant so you can remove it as soon as you hear this noise coming from your car’s air conditioner. Do this as soon as possible. Without sufficient cooling, the A/C’s components will suffer damage.

Hissing Car A/C Sounds

It happens more frequently than you may imagine if the air conditioner in your automobile is hissing. When you turn off the car, if you hear this noise, pressure equalization is to blame.

That occurs when the refrigerant switches from the compressor’s high-pressure side to its low-pressure side. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sound if your car is off. However, you should have your AC system checked by a professional if you hear the hissing sound at any other time.