Is Recharging Your Car’s A/C Enough?

Car air conditioner charging machine at service station

Do you find that your car’s A/C system has stopped working in the midst of the hottest months? If so, you may be thinking about recharging your car’s A/C with a refrigerant refill. Before you take this step, let’s get down to the root cause of the issue and find out if recharging your car’s A/C is what you really need to do!

Low Refrigerant Liquid Is a Symptom of Another Problem

You may have noticed that there’s nothing in your owner’s manual about how often you need to get a refrigerant refill for your car’s A/C system. Unlike the recommendations for brake fluid and oil changes, this is because low refrigerant is often a symptom of a deeper problem, not the root cause of a problem.

Within a sealed A/C system, the same refrigerant is supposed to be used again and again throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. The only time it needs recharging is when there’s a refrigerant leak. Sure, refilling it is important, but in order to prevent the problem from occurring again, you will need to identify the source of the leak and get that resolved.

Identifying the Source of a Refrigerant Leak

When you get a refrigerant refill, this liquid comes with a special dye that is easily trackable under UV light. The reason is simple: mechanics and technicians can make use of UV light to track the movement of the liquid throughout your car’s A/C system subsequently. This allows them to isolate areas where there is low pressure and where the refrigerant is likely to have escaped from.

Sometimes, it can be the case that you need to give your refrigerant liquid time to circulate before it can reveal the source of the leak. Therefore, you may need to wait days or weeks before your car’s A/C system can be repaired following a leak.

Keeping Your Car’s A/C System in Tiptop Shape

Once the source of the leak has been identified, it’s time to repair your car’s A/C system and minimize the chances of the same thing happening again. One way you can do this is by cleaning your air filter regularly. When dirt and other contaminants are trapped in the filter, your car’s A/C system has to work harder to force air through, leading to problems down the road. To keep your A/C system in tiptop shape, always change out the cabin air filters regularly!

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