Is It Safe To Drive A Car With a Broken A/C Compressor?

Is It Safe To Drive A Car with a Broken AC Compressor

Even when you know you should, you may not be in a big hurry to get your vehicle to the shop for repairs. Maybe you’re afraid it will cost you an arm and a leg. Maybe you can’t be without your vehicle for the time it will take to execute the repairs. There are lots of reasons why people put off automotive repairs. One repair that sometimes goes ignored is anything having to do with the air-conditioning system. As long as the weather isn’t hot, you figure you can drive the car safely without worry.

Unfortunately, driving with a broken A/C compressor is a bad idea. Not only can your engine suffer, but it could also actually prove hazardous to your health.

Fixing a Broken A/C Compressor

Don’t assume that just because there seems to be a problem with your air conditioning system, it’s going to cost a fortune. That may not be the case. Especially if there is a problem with your compressor, you should get it fixed sooner than later.

Because your air-conditioning system is an integral part of your vehicle, damage could potentially result from the failure to get it repaired when needed. If you realize your vehicle’s A/C compressor is faulty, you’re more likely to know when to get your car in for repairs. To help you recognize an A/C compressor problem, check out some signs and symptoms of a broken A/C compressor.

Faulty A/C Compressor – Signs and Symptoms

If you notice any of the following, it may be time to get your vehicle’s A/C compressor or your entire air conditioning system looked at:

  • Rather than cool or cold air coming from your vents when your air conditioning system is activated, you receive warm or hot air.
  • While your air conditioning system will make some noise when it’s operating properly, noises that you’re not used to hearing (grinding, strange sounds, etc.) could point to a problem.
  • If you notice smells you’re not used to, it could point to a problem with your vehicle’s A/C compressor or the air conditioning system in general.

Don’t Damage Your Vehicle

For the overall safety and efficiency of your automobile, every part and component should be functional. To your vehicle as a whole, problems can be caused by driving with a bad A/C compressor – specifically, your engine.

Engine parts can wear out more quickly because they will have to work overtime to power certain items (belts, pulleys, etc.). Your entire air conditioning unit could be harmed, as well, if you don’t get a bad A/C compressor fixed in an expedited fashion.

Don’t Endanger Your Health

So now you know that your engine could be impacted by driving with a bad A/C compressor. What about your health? You and your passengers may not be safe if mold is growing in the vents of your vehicle due to a lack of airflow. This could potentially have negative effects on any or all individuals who ride in your vehicle.

Don’t Put Up with a Broken A/C Compressor Any Longer!

Don’t damage your engine or threaten the health of you or your passengers by driving around with a broken A/C compressor. When you need air conditioning parts for your vehicle, turn to family-owned and operated R & Y A/C Compressors®. For over 30 years we’ve been providing excellent customer service and quality parts and components. Reach out to us today!