How You Can Keep Your Car Cold And Comfortable

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Anyone that has left their car sitting out in the sun during a hot summer day knows how sweltering it can become. In fact, research shows that the interior temperature can reach as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be dangerous especially for small children and pets, and may cause engine overheating and electronic damage. Below are some tips to keep your car cold.

Roll Your Windows Down Slightly

While this seems simple enough, it will go a long way towards keeping your car cooler. In fact, data shows that just lowering the front window by as little as two inches will reduce the interior temperature by about ten degrees. However, it should be noted that no person or animal should be left inside the vehicle even when the windows have been left open completely.

Use Your Lower Air Conditioning Vent

By using your lower air conditioning vent, it will be easier to push the heated air outside the windows when they’re open. To use it, you’ll want to activate your air conditioning then open its vent which is closest to the floor, while closing up the vent which is close to your head. With your lower air conditioning vent blowing out cold air, the heated air will be forced to rise then exit the windows which are open. It should be noted that this method is even more effective for those that have sun or moon roofs.

Cover Your Seats And Spin the Car’s Steering Wheel

Seats that become hot can cause extreme discomfort, and to make matters worse, it can take a while for them to cool, even when you’re running the air conditioning. A simple solution is to keep some towels in the car that you can place over the seats and steering if the vehicle must be left in the sun for an extended period of time.

It is also possible to keep your steering wheel cool without having to cover it. To do this, wait until the car is parked, then spin the steering wheel one hundred and eighty degrees so the area where you place your hands isn’t exposed to direct sunlight while the vehicle is idle.

Park The Vehicle In Shade or Use Car Shade

If possible, parking your automobile in shade beneath a tree or near a building is one of the best ways to keep it cool during summer. However, in many cases such areas will be taken or unavailable, so the next best thing is to park the vehicle in a way where its front end faces away from sunlight. This should keep the car cooler since back windows tend to be smaller than those in front.

Many drivers also use a device called the car shade. It is usually designed to be placed in the vehicle’s front window and will prevent the seat and dashboard from getting too hot. Research shows that car shades are highly effective and can reduce temperatures by as much as forty-three degrees Fahrenheit, and are quite affordable.

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