How To Prevent Mold In Your Car A/C System

Woman Covering Her Nose From Bad Smell

We all enjoy the benefits of the A/C running during hot summer days. However, many underestimate cleaning the system or doing the maintenance till the side effects start to appear. If you think the A/C cannot create damage for you or your passengers, then maybe you should reconsider this idea.

The A/C is not the easiest place to clean in your car. Usually, bacteria and fungi can be accumulated inside the evaporator. Because of the humid environment, this bacteria can easily spread all around.

One of the best methods to prevent mold in car A/C  is to turn on the fan for about 10 minutes once you will stop the AC. By doing this, the evaporator will dry out and the bacteria is less likely to form.

Another piece of advice would be to park your car away from debris or smelly locations that can be absorbed in the A/C. Keep reading to learn how to prevent mold in car A/C.

Take the Car to a Dealership for a Thorough Cleaning of the System

There are various cleaning methods used by specialists. One of those would be to use ozone, even in HVAC systems, or introduce specific products in the A/C system to clean the evaporator.

Specialists explain that they use foaming products that are introduced in the case until they get to the evaporator. Once the foam attaches to the evaporator, it has to stay on a while to act upon it and then rinse and dry.

Clean the HVAC Using Ozone

This ozone cleaning requires more skill and equipment than the previous method. Also, it is usually asked by clients which are sensitive or allergic to mold. The ozone equipment needs to be turned on while the car is on as well. As the ozone machine runs inside the car, it cleans and absorbs the mold.

All settings should be started (heating, recirculation, A/C) and let it run for 20 minutes so it can access the whole system.

Spray the Air Intakes

Some individuals allergic to mold would rather prefer spraying the air intakes with hydrogen peroxide because of its non-allergic condition. There are several videos online if you want to do this by yourself. Specialists who tried the method with success are using peroxide diluted to 10% and are spraying it into the system while keeping on all settings for about 5 minutes.

Access the HVAC System and Run Quats

The quats method which comes from quaternary ammonium consists in drilling some parts until you can locate the evaporator`s core. Then it will be cleaned by using 3-4 gallons of quats followed by a rinse. Filters, vents, and pipes are also cleaned out through the process. Since this is a method that requires mechanical skills, it is compulsory to be performed by a specialist.

Mold can be a problematic issue for many of you. If you happen to be sensitive to this, then cleaning the A/C should be treated seriously and specialists would have to be involved. Contact today one of our specialists from R & Y A/C Compressors® and find out more on how to protect yourself from its side effects.