How To Fix The A/C On Your Ford F-250


The A/C system in your Ford F-250, with proper maintenance, can last for years. Eventually, however, something is bound to go wrong. The question of whether or not you can fix your Ford F-250 A/C depends a lot on what the issue is and what repairs will entail. To work on A/C systems, and with refrigerant specifically, you should be certified. But there are some simple fixes that can remedy minor problems in some cases.

Some repairs and troubleshooting will be explored here.

The A/C in Your Ford and Repairs

When the air conditioning in your Ford is activated, to cool the cabin, compressed refrigerant is used by your air conditioning system. Frequently, when there’s a problem, it may be due to a compressor leak. Replacements can be purchased in any number of locations. To do your own repairs, you need to have several things:

  • Room in which to work on a vehicle
  • All of the correct tools
  • Enough knowledge to do the job correctly
  • Certification, if refrigerant is involved

If you’re certified to work with refrigerant, it can also be purchased in a number of locations. A little troubleshooting will be necessary to determine exactly where the problem lies.

Troubleshooting Your Ford A/C

  • Start your vehicle and warm it up to operating temperature.
  • To the coolest setting, turn on the A/C.
  • To the highest setting, turn on the fan.
  • Is the system producing cold air? The pump may have failed, or the A/C may be leaking somewhere, if there is no cold air.
  • You can check under the hood once you shut off the engine.

Once you have raised the hood, the belt should be looked at closely. The belt should not be worn or shiny, peeling or cracked, chipped or frayed. If any of these conditions exist, you will want to replace the belt. Once the belt has been replaced, if the cabin still isn’t getting cold air, a professional automotive technician should check the compressor (and probably other components and parts, as well).

No Power to Your Ford A/C

If there is no power getting to your Ford A/C, there is likely a problem with the relay. This will be located under the hood, in the fuse box. For the most part, this is a job that can be executed by a good do-it-yourselfer. The relay, when it fails, will prevent power from reaching the air conditioning system.

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