How Much Will Your Car’s A/C Evaporator Replacement Cost?

How Much Will Your Cars AC Evaporator Replacement Cost

Before we even touch upon the topic of how much it might cost to replace an A/C evaporator, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Depending on where you take your vehicle for servicing, if you do the repair yourself, where you buy your parts, the quality of those parts, the make/model/year of your vehicle, and so much more, A/C evaporator replacement costs can vary greatly.

Very generally speaking, a roughly estimated cost to replace an A/C evaporator could be from $995 up to $1250, or more. Here’s an estimated breakdown of that, however:

  • Parts: between $407 and $508
  • Labor: between $589 and $743

Here’s some additional information regarding your vehicle’s air conditioning system and evaporators.

A/C Evaporators – What Are They?

To cool a vehicle’s interior, the temperature is changed by expanded and compressed refrigerant courtesy of the air conditioning system. The Refrigerant is made cold thanks to the air conditioning evaporator. The location of a vehicle’s evaporator is usually beneath the dashboard.

With a Bad A/C Evaporator, Can You Still Drive?

If you don’t mind being extremely hot in the warmer months, you can drive an automobile with a faulty evaporator. Not only will the driver, passengers, and pets be uncomfortable, it could be dangerous for some individuals (pets, seniors, small children, etc.).

Faulty A/C Evaporators – Signs and Symptoms

If you turn your vehicle’s air conditioning system on, but only warm air is coming from the vents, there’s every chance that the A/C evaporator has gone bad. The air can’t be cooled because not enough refrigerant is getting to the evaporator. This could be caused by a leak or a clog, as well. A blinking/warning A/C switch is standard on some vehicles, so you may also be alerted to an air conditioning system problem in that manner.

Is A/C Evaporator Replacement Something that Happens on a Frequent Basis?

The chances of a new AC evaporator being needed in most cars are relatively slim. This is not to say it never happens, however. Here are a few things that could occur that would lead to the need for an A/C evaporator replacement:

  • If the air conditioning system has a lot of moisture, because the evaporator has a metallic makeup, corrosion could be caused by that moisture.
  • It could also be ruined if it gets coolant on it due to a leaking heater core.
  • Finally, the evaporator may leak because A/C lines connecting to the core have rubber seals that can eventually wear down.

If you have considerable automotive repair knowledge, the right tools, and a space to work on your vehicle, you may decide to execute this repair yourself. If not, it’s easily taken care of by your local automotive technician.

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