How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your A/C Compressor Relay?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your AC Compressor Relay

The air conditioning system in your vehicle relies on numerous components and parts. If one part goes bad, the entire system can fail. It might even affect the rest of your engine if you don’t have it repaired in a timely manner. Specifically, the information below will focus on your vehicle’s A/C compressor relay.

Is Your Vehicle’s A/C Compressor Relay Going Bad?

If you’re wondering whether or not your A/C compressor relay is going bad, or has failed altogether, the following signs and symptoms could point to a problem:

  • No cool air flow: Granted, no cool air flow could point to a number of problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning system, but a bad A/C compressor relay is one of them.
  • Your vehicle’s A/C compressor isn’t turning on: You’ll notice some type of sound coming from the compressor when you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning system. That’s normal. When the clutch is stimulated it makes a clicking sound. The compressor won’t even turn on, however, if there is an issue with the relay.
  • Cooling is erratic: If the air conditioner in your vehicle is functioning erratically or seems weak, the compressor may be receiving a shifted or depleted load courtesy of a faulty relay.

How Do You Check for a Bad A/C Compressor Relay?

Your vehicle may be equipped with a warning light of some sort to let you know if the A/C system of your vehicle is malfunctioning. Not all vehicles have this.

You can test your vehicle’s A/C compressor relay on your own by replacing the relay in the fuse and relay box with a similar relay that you know is functional. Example: The horn relay. If your air conditioner functions properly once you’ve switched out those relays, or the flashing warning light stops flashing, the A/C compressor relay was probably faulty and can be replaced.

If you don’t want to work on your car or don’t feel comfortable doing it, an automotive technician can do it for you.

The Cost of A/C Compressor Relay Replacement

Naturally, if you have enough automotive knowledge, all the right tools, and a place to work on your vehicle, you can save lots of money on repairs because you won’t have to pay for labor. Unfortunately, not everyone has all three of those. How much it will cost to have the A/C compressor relay on your vehicle switched out will depend on a number of factors including the make, model, the year your vehicle was made, where you go for your repairs, and more.

Who to Turn to for Affordable A/C Compressors and Parts

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