How Many Types Of A/C Evaporators Are There?

How Many Types Of A/C Evaporators Are There

If you are having a problem with the air conditioning system in your vehicle, you may wonder if you need a new A/C evaporator. Then again, you may not even know where to begin when it comes to diagnosing automotive air conditioning issues. All you know is – you’re not getting the amount of cold air you need.

Here, we’ll discuss vehicle A/C evaporators specifically. We’ll look at types of evaporators, common problems that can plague evaporators, and how to detect a potential issue with your vehicle’s A/C evaporator.

A/C Evaporators – What Are They?

You may also hear the evaporator in your vehicle’s A/C system referred to as the evaporator core. By recycling refrigerant through the system, it helps regulate A/C temperature. It makes cool air from warm air, essentially. The evaporator’s coils play an essential part in this process. The evaporator does its job with the help of the vehicle’s compressor and blower fan.

What Can Go Wrong?

When problems arise with a vehicle’s A/C evaporator, more times than not, a problem exists between its two main components: coils and the core. To effectively remove heat, constant pressure is required by the A/C evaporator. When something malfunctions, the leading cause is typically a leak. If an automotive technician detects an evaporator leak, the best course of action will be a replacement.

Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty Or Failing Evaporator

  • Temperature Variations: You may detect the temperature in your vehicle’s interior fluctuating all on its own. The air can still be cool, however, even though it isn’t remaining constant.
  • Strange Odor: If you detect an unusual odor coming out of your vents, a small refrigerant leak might be coming from the core, seals, or the coils. This is an odor that some describe as “sweet smelling”.
  • Temperature and Airflow Problems: The core or A/C evaporator may be leaking if there is no air blowing at all, or weak airflow. Generally speaking, a greater impact will be experienced the bigger the leak.
  • Non-Activation of the Compressor: Refrigerant runs through your A/C system – and cool air through your vehicle – thanks to circulation created by the compressor. To operate, a predetermined set pressure is needed. Reduced pressure can be caused by a leak. There could be an A/C compressor problem if you experience weak airflow.

Types of Evaporators

Here are four basic evaporator types:

  • Drum type evaporator
  • Finned tube evaporator
  • Forced draft evaporator
  • Flat plate and fin, aluminum parallel flow evaporator

How do you know which evaporator you need for your vehicle? A dealership might be able to fill you in. Ask for the parts department or speak with a certified automotive technician. You can also speak with a company that deals with the sale and shipping of automotive air conditioning components. Here’s who to talk to.

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