Front Car AC Not Working But Back Is: Causes & The Solution

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Your car’s A/C is responsible for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. But due to intricate mechanical and electrical issues, there may be a wide range of problems with the A/C system. One of the most common issues is the front car A/C not working but the back is. Read on to learn the main causes of this issue and how to resolve it.

Why Does a Car’s Front A/C Fail?

Here are some of the common reasons for a car front A/C failure:

Blocked AC Vents

One of the main causes of the front A/C failure is clogged air vents. In order to let the cool air enter the car, the A/C vents are constructed with open spaces. So, if the A/C isn’t blowing out of the front vents, it’s possible that you or another person accidentally closed these vents. Another main reason is dirt or dust clogging up the vents.

Faulty Compressor

The refrigerant won’t be able to circulate cold air effectively without the compressor’s participation. One of the most common causes of compressor failure is a lack of consistent usage. This may be a consequence of operating the system again in the summer after letting it idle all winter.

Low Refrigerant Level

A proper refrigerant level is important for the functioning of an A/C system. Unfortunately, occasional leaks can cause the refrigerant level to drop. As a result, you may probably encounter instances where the front A/C doesn’t work but the back A/C blows cold air, or vice versa.

Defective Cooling Fan

The fan cools the condenser, allowing it to convert the high-pressure gas from the compressor into fluid. This helps the A/C generate cool air. Therefore, if your cooling fan fails, the front A/C will cease operating and only the back A/C will function.

How to Fix the Front A/C Problems?

The first step in resolving any of the aforementioned issues is through proper diagnosis. Once you’ve determined the issues, you can proceed to address them. The issues mentioned above can be resolved by using the following solutions.

Wipe the A/C Vents

First, take the time to check your vehicle’s A/C vents. If you see dust or dirt buildup inside the parts, mix detergent and water together and use a foam paint brush to wipe the vents. After removing the grime, use a dry cloth to gently wipe the vents.

Replace Defective Compressor

First, you must make sure that your A/C compressor does not fail. This requires running the A/C for at least one 15-minute cycle every three weeks at full blast. However, if the A/C compressor is already damaged, all you need to do is replace the compressor.

Seal Coolant Leakage

If you locate a leaky A/C unit line when diagnosing why your vehicle’s front A/C isn’t working, make sure you seal it. But if you’re unsure of your ability to do the process correctly, kindly seek a qualified auto mechanic to complete the work.

Fix Faulty Cooling Fan

The cooling fan may occasionally malfunction due to a blown fuse or another electrical problem. If this is the case, be sure you fix the electrical issues and replace the blown fuse.